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  1. I'm not sure if you are still on this forum, but I read your post about your surgical residency and am very interested in applying, if they still offer it. I live in wisconsin, and will be starting PA school in the summer. Please PM me if you do receive this message. Thanks! ~Megan

  2. Just a shout out to any PA's that are ATC's! The NATA has also changed their requirements for the 50 CEU's. 10 of them now must be "EBP" Evidence Based Practice check out their page: http://www.bocatc.org/ats/maintain-certification/continuing-education for full details. But once again, looks like a money maker! Only NATA/BOC approved EBP CEU's count. If you are a non-member of NATA, their CEU's are $25/CEU; if you are a member it drops to $15/CEU..... The other options are outside providers charging their own fees/CEU. This is also NEW! So most events are live, very few options
  3. I'll b there. May have family with. have fun everyone in Boston!
  4. I didn't care for it; found it way to simple; no good vignettes! I wouldnt buy a new one; as most are the same stuff just re-arranged I preferred the Van Rhee book. Kaplan QBank online questions & online review UMDNJ!!!
  5. I'd save your $$$!!!! Review stuff pertaining to upcoming rotation instead. You may wanna take it before taking the PANCE instead.....
  6. Unfortunately, I'm one of the few PA's that are in the new Process NOW!!!! I just looked online at NCCPA website; & it looks like a Money Maker for someone!!! & We are gonna be the Payer!!! ONLY approved SA or PI's are through NCCPA website! I checked these out! OMG! Take about expensive! I have NO Idea how I am gonna make this crap happen! Every 2 years you must get a total of 20 of your 50 Cat.1 CME's with SA/PI's. Ahhh, yes you can get 20 or one in one cycle or a mixture of either that equal 20cme; BUT at the end of the 4th cycle you MUST have 40 of BOTH!!!! Oh,
  7. I'd agree with above. A new grad or PA just wanting to go Home! Can have a huge advantage over someone looking to move to a new state who has no ties there. Best of Luck!
  9. I'd agree with all above posts! Great Ideas everyone! I used Kaplan QBank online & after every 60 q block I did in test mode & test conditions! I'd review each & every answer! Why was this answer correct & that one wrong! If I didn;t understand what they were talking about I'd look it up! If I did poorly in a section (GI) I'd review that section, What did I not understand! Then I'd take q's only in that section b4 doing a general test. I agree with the above posts & here's some of my suggestions: 1. Take your results & place them in order of worst results &a
  10. Great web site especially for the pre PA, the inschool PA & the PANRE PA, as we forgot alot of the stuff we knew when we 1st studied for the PANCE! Good Job!
  11. I used it; I liked it! & I'd recommend it. I used it to review b4 taking my PANRE & I passed! ;)
  12. Hi All, i'm thinking of taking the PANRE Surgery. As I'm working in Surgery only. But I'm wondering if anyone else on here has taken it vs the regular PANRE test. What did u think of it? Thanks!
  13. Yes, I agree! nccpa questions r a rip off! don't waste ur $$! I heard PAeasy was horrible as well! I guess it depends on ur learning style & how much time/day or wk u can study. once ur working it is more difficult to study consistently vs the PANCE (imo). I'm using HIPPOPA & had already bought pance master ($55-great value!). As in studying for my PANCE I am also buying Kaplan QBank! they have great q's & breakdowns, time spent on each/q, if u changed ur answer (from correct to incorrect or incorrect to incorrect or incorrect to correct!). I'm taking 3 mos to study, my study-buddy
  14. Iowa, I'd have to agree. I looked at UMDNJ but it seemed very much like the Emory CD's my program provided for us! YAWN! :-_-: therefore I decided to try HIPPOPA! I did the 4hr FREE TRIAL! (ok who does that?!) I liked it so I bought it! I do like the lectures, way way better than Emory or what I thought I would be buying with UMDNJ! the only thing I'd have to say is the qBank is nice but I had already bought pance master which is only $55! Low & behold they are the same! what a bumm-A.... anyhow I used Kaplan QBank on PANCE thus I'm gonna get that again! there
  15. Well I did the 4 hr trial on HIPPO-PA & am going to use them as my review, for my 1st PANRE. The 40 CME are included!
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