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  1. I used to work with an awesome nurse who put a mask on the patient if they continuously turned towards the healthcare staff and coughed or didn’t/unable to cover their mouth when coughing.
  2. Looking back, I guess I was practicing some defensive medicine. She did have risk factors though.
  3. Thanks! Ideally I would have gotten venous Dopplers but I wasn’t able to get them due to the time (it was at night).
  4. Has anyone ever seen this used to rule out PE? Had a patient in the past with a BMI over 100 so VQ/CT (even bariatic scanner) were not an option. Risk factors, presentation made it a concern on presentation.
  5. I still have my social work license. Not really sure why? A combo of nostalgia and fear of I might need it someday I guess.
  6. Congratulations! It sounds like just the right move!
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