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  1. I used to work with an awesome nurse who put a mask on the patient if they continuously turned towards the healthcare staff and coughed or didn’t/unable to cover their mouth when coughing.
  2. Looking back, I guess I was practicing some defensive medicine. She did have risk factors though.
  3. Thanks! Ideally I would have gotten venous Dopplers but I wasn’t able to get them due to the time (it was at night).
  4. Has anyone ever seen this used to rule out PE? Had a patient in the past with a BMI over 100 so VQ/CT (even bariatic scanner) were not an option. Risk factors, presentation made it a concern on presentation.
  5. I still have my social work license. Not really sure why? A combo of nostalgia and fear of I might need it someday I guess.
  6. Congratulations! It sounds like just the right move!
  7. wow! it's so cool to find another person who took the social worker/pa path. it is a long and interesting road. i'm about to graduate with my msw and start pa school in august at ecu. i'm interested in integrating the two, and i'm thinking behavioral health, but my passion is hiv. any suggestions?

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