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  1. Was given another 50 doses Thursday and we were able to vaccinate 59 people yesterday. All over 70. Our oldest was 97 followed by a 95 year old!!! We told our Cedar County Public Health Department we wanted to do a 100 dose clinic this next Thursday. They said they will see what they can do to accommodate! Not bragging but... https://www.facebook.com/WestBranchTimes/photos/a.949239288846774/1144916299279071/?type=3&theater
  2. Go to USAJobs. They list all the government PA jobs to include civilian PA jobs on military facilities. I have a friend who took a 3 year stint as a PA at Anderson Air Force Base on Guam. Worked Primary Care at a AF clinic
  3. https://www.netce.com/ is my CME go to. Online and quick
  4. When I worked Occupational Med and was asked to review or give a deposition we always asked for payment / partial at least up front.
  5. I live in a small town in a small county in eastern Iowa. When the Covid vaccines were getting ready to be released to the County Public Health department being on the local Fire Department I had a letter forwarded to me in regards to out First Responders being the first to receive the vaccine. Down at the bottom of the letter was a blurb noting that demand was going to outstrip the vaccination sites. It also suggested that a qualified medical person could apply to set up a satellite vaccination clinic. I'm a Physician Assistant and I applied and was approved. I was able to get all of our EMT/
  6. When the Pfizer vaccine was made available the local newspaper posted a picture of the Chief Executive Officer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and his staff being first in line to get the vaccine by the head of pharmacy on the first day it was available. It then went on to say that all the pharmacists and lab personnel received theirs also that day. Their rationale was that they wanted to set the example. Really peeved me when they knowingly jumped the line over boots on the ground personnel that should have been first. I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper but i
  7. Any experience I have had in Occupational Med was to get a retainer up front. Then go to per hour.
  8. After hours I volunteer in my local community to include the local volunteer Fire and Rescue Service. Two weeks ago the Fire Chief forwarded me a letter from the Iowa Department of Health about the pecking order of who would get the vaccine first. Buried in the letter was a sentence about the possibility of establishing satellite vaccination sites around Iowa if the site had a designated medical director who would assume responsibility and be accountable for receiving the Vaccine. I applied and was approved. Monday afternoon I received a phone call from the County Health nurse and asked how ma
  9. Loved this quote. Guess they teach proof reading in a residency. Thus the grammar error
  10. No I do not. I went to the Active Duty Army PA program.
  11. If you are a new PA in the Army expect to be assigned as the medical officer in a maneuver (field) battalion. This means you go where the battalion goes. If they go to the field. you go to the field If they are deployed, you are deployed. In summary you are the medical provider for that battalion and responsible for the medical care of the soldiers of that battalion. In addition you are part of the battalion staff. You are the chief advisor to the battalion commander on all medical matters. In the cantonment area you will more than likely be assigned to a Troop Medical Clinic. In the mor
  12. I believe it was close to $6500.00 for 12 years service. I elected a allotment and paid $100.00 per pay period for two years. I work in Compensation and Pension. Make sure you file for injury/illness that occurred on active duty. If you have any questions on C&P PM me. I have helped numerous Vets with their claims.
  13. I am a retired Army PA currently working for the VA. Basically there are two different retirement system for you to participate in. First is FERS. This system will pay you when you retire based on years of service. The easiest way to describe it is that it takes your average high three years of salary and divides it by your years of service. Example: You high three average is $100000. Your years of service, 15 years. Retirement payout would equal 15000 a year at retirement. The FERS system is where you buy back your military service. In my case I bought back 12 years of active
  14. I had to count total hours up several times to make sure I added it right. 630 hours 78.75 days 11.25 weeks During my training in the Army the Chief of Clinical Service's told us the first day of our clinical training that if you aren't in the hospital or a clinic then you aren't learning. Obviously that's not the case with this program. I am underwhelmed with the clinical/didactic training.
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