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  1. MAC-ST is a fairly new program, I was in the last (and 2nd class). Basically it's currently designed to respond to either Louisiana, Texas or Florida but there are hopes that it might be international in the future. Each of those three states commonly have hurricanes that can cause tremendous damage. When any of those states have a Hurricane coming their way they have to decide if there is a need to evacuate hospitals. If they do, they already have a system in place to evacuate the large majority of patients to neighboring states that aren't expected to be in the path of the storm. MAC-St
  2. I will concur with EMED. While on a DMAT assignment I work independently without an SP of record. Likewise with the MAC-ST (Mobile Acute Care Strike Team ) through NDMS. I work in a team of two providers with an MD but he/she is not my SP. We are expected to work independently and handle the same number of critical patients, first come , first served. I'm working on an island off-shore right now. My SP works in an ED in Seattle. I send him my patient reports, if he has something to add then he does. If not, he just acknowledges receipt. If I have a tough patient and need some help I c
  3. Team 5 is a group that uses PAs. It was co-founded by the same person that started Remote Medical International. I believe they just got back from Guatemala and have tentative trips to India and the Philippines. To EMED - I'm having a good time in the North Pacific. And there is a new office in Oman with some opportunities out there. Feel free to join me! http://www.team-5.org
  4. At the moment, I vote yes. But it is conditional. I think the AAPA has done some pretty good work over the years but I increasingly feel that they aren't listening to their members. I have two issues that concern me. One is the title change issue. I am for it and I would like the AAPA to embrace a solid debate on the subject. I would prefer that they don't try to sway the argument with emotional language regarding costs of the change. In my mind, the first question to answer is "Is the title change necessary?" then, "Do the majority of PAs want the title change?" If the answer to both q
  5. Not sure about CA but I do know of a number of PA's who do RFA after being properly trained. The likelihood of being able to do it totally depends on the willingness of the surgeon to train you and the hospital to credential you. The surgeon I work with would train me but the hospital won't allow PAs to do the procedure (or many others for that matter). Recently interviewed for a CV Surg position in OR where they were willing and able to train me to do this. Ended up not taking the position for other reasons though.
  6. Being in Vascular Surgery, the only reasonable answer is B. Given that he is so recently post-op and the area that we are talking about the other two options are nothing short of extremely irresponsible. At the very least he needs IV abx and monitoring to make sure this doesn't get worse. Worse case is that this cellulitis turns in to a deeper wound infection compromising the patch. If there is even a hint of that, he would need to go back to the OR urgently, which is tough to do when he's at home. You would want to do everything possible to make sure it doesn't get to the point that goin
  7. I was Nationally Registered years ago but let it lapse. There didn't seem to be a need or requirement to keep it when I worked in California.
  8. So, final update. My cert has officially expired and CA EMSA is not budging even a tiny bit on the CE thing. I can't understand why they won't even accept the BLS and ACLS. The person I'm talking too says "we don't accept all AHA courses, only some of them". Since when? These courses were not online, they were taken a a major trauma center. They also are still not accepting any of my CE. Unless I can figure out a way to get 48 hours of prehospital CE in the next two months on top of my already busy schedule the paramedic license is gone for good. Every time I talk to her I want to reach
  9. I've tried to contact CT EMS numerous times with no response so doesn't look like that is going to work out. CA EMS is adamant that they will not take CE and there is no way at this point that I can get enough CME by the end of September. Also, they are questioning my ACLS and BLS because the cards don't say what state the class was taken even though I took them at one of the two Trauma Centers in Oregon. All seems like a bunch of crap all of a sudden and it sucks.
  10. So a quick update. After deciding that renewing is the way to go I may end up losing my medic license after all. I checked in to Washington (where I currently live) and they require that I 1. take the National Registry Exam and 2. work for an EMS provider. I have no intention of doing either. The Washington DMAT (of which I am a member) used to be a designated Prehospital Provider but apparently after several years of harassment from Washington EMS, they decided that it was too much trouble to continue. My current cert is in California. Last time I renewed I was a student and I sent a co
  11. I wasn't sure whether to be happy or offended that we weren't mentioned by name It's just a guess but I think "be offended" is the right answer.
  12. Vascular Surgery - salaried. 34-45 hours per week, no call, no nights, no weekends. Generally work 4 days a week but come in on the 5th day for between 10 mins (to sign orders for the next days OR cases) to a few hours if there are inpatients to round on or an urgent OR case.
  13. Interesting thought on the WA DMAT, I never thought to ask. I'll have to check in to that.
  14. Thanks everyone for your comments, I think I've decided to go ahead and renew the thing. As someone said, I worked pretty hard to get it and my current CME will count for their CE so I might as well just keep it. Plus, I'm now on a DMAT team so it might help a bit. Although I now live in Washington my cert is still in California. Unfortunately, neither Oregon (where I just moved from) and Washington will allow someone to move a cert unless they have a position already secured with an EMS agency. As I really have no intention of jumping on a rig again in the near term, that isn't really an
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