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  1. No. They said they’ll contact us later with a makeup date to interview.
  2. I only live an hour away, so I’m making the drive in the morning. The weather doesn’t look so bad so far... I’m sure we’ll connect at some point tomorrow. Best of luck, mt!
  3. 150 is what they’ve always interviewed, historically. 50 spots.
  4. Yes, it’s on the format so that you can list which advisement session you attended. If you didn’t attend, you likely would delete that part of the resume.
  5. Heads up, guys! We’re looking at snow on Wednesday and Thursday in Oklahoma. So, keep an eye on the weather this week! Anyone else on here interviewing Thursday afternoon?
  6. I only applied to OKC. I haven’t heard anything, either.
  7. Only thing to keep in mind is that information is JUST for OKC. Tulsa and OKC programs work independently and a little differently, from what they said at the info session in OKC. Might want to check with Tulsa on how they review submissions.
  8. Hi, Tras! At the information session this year, they told us that they don’t do rolling admissions and don’t even start downloading completed applications to review until after the October 1 deadline. That being said, I wouldn’t think the delay would hurt you. They told us there is no advantage for the OKC program to submit early and encouraged us to submit when everything was as complete as possible, and we had included absolutely everything we can, even if that happened in August. The additional app is really not too bad. It shouldn’t take too long. Did you attach your OU format resume in CASPA? That’s one thing I almost missed. Best of luck!!
  9. I’m a Texan, too. But I’m now living in Oklahoma. Congrats on finishing the app!
  10. I don’t feel that confident. There are so many extraordinary people who apply to these programs. But thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate it.
  11. The stats on getting in first time are pretty low, so I’m just letting go and preparing for another year. ? so far, this year I’ve shadowed about 20 hours but I have 40 hours from a few years ago. I have shadowed in psych, urology, ED, hospitalist, and I’m trying to get some family hours because that’s where I want to practice and where I’m working now. It’s so weird that there are no PAs in the clinic where I work... wish there were! I’m so happy not to need the GRE! I think it might be the best thing about having a master degree. lol
  12. How many different specialties did you guys shadow? How many shadowing hours did you have?
  13. I will also be sending you one. It might be a little while, though. Thanks for paying it forward!!
  14. Hello!

    I'm applying to OU this year.  I wonder if you would be willing to let me shadow you in the program, or if you have suggestions for contacting students who might be open to allowing me shadow them.

    Hope school is everything you dreamed. =) I'm excited for you.  Thanks so much for your help!

  15. Hey, everyone who is applying this year! Let's discuss. Any current people accepted this month and current students, PLEASE chime in! We can definitely use your guidance. Excited and wishing everyone the best of luck! Now... who has questions??? (ha ha... EVERYONE)
  16. i love every study method you put down there, doc!! sounds like you learn and retain material the same way i do! i do a lot of reading, rarely take notes, and just brush up over the important highlights and handouts. i'm going to try your highlighting method this next semester in micro!! (oooh, now i'm pumped!) :D
  17. here's what my stats look like now (and some that i'll have by that time) Undergrad Ed School: BA in Psychology, dual minors in Spanish and Counseling Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.88 (still taking undergrad courses) Science Undergrad. GPA: 4.0 (so far, still more sciences to take) Age at application time : i will be 29 1st GRE: V 620, Q 590, WA 6 Direct Patient Care : 7200 hrs. direct care psychological (mental hospital), i will have about the same hrs. (7200) experience as a surgitech at time of application; i'll also have plenty of shadowing hours--my mother works with/knows many PAs ;) ain't that handy? Extracurricular/Research Activities: fluent in spanish, church cantor, swing dancing, volunteer at state hospital (christmas parade committee [and face painter extroadinaire at patient christmas celebrations], designer and builder of christmas floats, volunteer banquet committee), Van Zandt Community Theatre Board of Governors (Treasurer, 2004-2005; member at large 2005-2007)(also, cast, lights & sound, set design & art), moderator on web community website, Alpha Chi honors fraternity, Psi Chi honors society Schools Applied: will apply to every program in TX, plus OU and LSU (assuming the program is doing well post-katrina) Application Submitted Date: will start applying summer of 2009
  18. i totally agree. if they make an appointment to see the doctor and are not told they will be seeing the PA in advance, i can understand them being ticked off. i still like the kill'em with kindness approach, but they shouldn't have to wait because your staff screwed up. however, when considering people that are coming into ED's/urgent care, you get all types.... and i still say kill'em with kindness. :D and if they have to wait, they have to wait. ;) as far as people with no social skills (like mental patients) you have to set boundaries with them. but sarchasm isn't usually helpful in doing this. you merely lose rapport.
  19. wow, i guess working in a mental hospital has thickened my skin more than i thought! ;) these situations are minimally confrontational in my eyes, where it's not unusual for me to be cussed out and physically threatened by patients. however, if you're not used to someone being critical of your abilities, it's understandable to be upset. in fact, when i first started working at this hospital, i was conducting drug rehab groups, and was just as qualified as all the other therapists. problem was, i was half their age. i had patients tell me they weren't going to do what someone young enough to be their daughter was telling them. and remember this is a situation where i'm trying to de-escalate an angry, psychotic person. my feelings were hurt at first, but i got over it quickly. i've also had some ask me if i was even old enough to be working (bless their little pea-pickin hearts for thinking i look younger than 18!). LOL! i say, "i'm 25! how old do you think i need to be before i start working?" they usually laugh at themselves then.... i think considering patients like this as mental patients is good advice. because, honestly, they sound just like my precious ones here ( i LOVE my patients, and am very protective). you have to remember that firing back does nothing but escalate an already bad situation. you're adding fuel to the fire. you're job as a health provider is to "cause no harm". SMILE(kill them with kindness--it's a very satisfying type of revenge, believe me), let them have their way, and move on. you can't control someone else's emotions or reactions, but you can your own. like blocdoc, in my setting it's illegal to respond to a patient with a snide remark (verbal abuse). and from what it seems, you're really letting them take their medicine by having them wait, anyway. :D so, basically, i look at it like, they can't really help themselves. assume that, and it will help. cause it's not your fault and certainly not a true reflection of your competency.
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