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  1. yeah I knew that. But if it were simply that they are all carriers, why am I only seeing it with flu B and not flu A? if it were a carrier thing, then the numbers should be comparable
  2. Anyone else seeing a trend where patients present for typical flu symptoms (fever, malaise, chills, cough, congestion) and the nursing staff reflexively does a strep and fly swab with BOTH the strep and flu B coming back positive? Noticed this last year and have seen multiple cases this year. My shop uses PCR for both strep and flu testing. Most of the patients have NO strep symptoms (normal pharynx, normal tonsils). Seems like a lot of carriers with Flu B but not Flu A if it is indeed a carrier testing positive situation. I suspect there is something in teh strep PCR that gives a false positive with Flu B but have no literature or information to prove and validate so my director is mandating (with pressure from infection control nurse) that we treat ALL positive strep patients regardless of symptoms, any thoughts? Ben
  3. I fly part time with a service based in Eastern New Mexico and Texas. The pay is ONE THIRD of what I make in the ED. yes. 1/3. HOWEVER... in a 24 hour shift, I may fly twice. 6 hours of work. In a 12 hour ED shift I may see 20-25 patients. The stress, mental exertion and physical exhaustion is an order of magnitude more in the ED than on the helicopter. I make about $200 LESS working a 24 hour helicopter shift when compared to a 12-hour ED shift. I am MUCH happier working the HEMS shifts.
  4. If TAPA put forth HB2907 then someone is seriously dropping the ball... " BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to a physician's order or protocol delegating certain radiologic procedures to certain health care providers. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: SECTION 1. Subchapter B, Chapter 157, Occupations Code, is amended by adding Section 157.0551 to read as follows: Sec. 157.0551. ORDERS AND PROTOCOLS: CERTAIN RADIOLOGIC PROCEDURES. Notwithstanding any other law, a physician may delegate by an order, medical order, standing delegation order, or another order or protocol authority for an advanced practice registered nurse to: (1) read and interpret radiological studies; and (2) render diagnoses based on radiological studies. SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2019."
  5. not sure how I will continue working ER either, especially when I work solo in west texas or the panhandle.
  6. TransAero Medivac is a subsidiary of TransAero Helicopter. They are a small company (2 bases right now with a third nearing completion all in eastern New Mexico). Transaero operates under the "Sydney" model. They have a provider on every flight. A PA, MD, DO, or NP.
  7. just received this from the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants. WTF?
  8. I wear 5.11 tactical pants, and a scrup top or a collared shirt. agree that the pants are better in that there are more pockets and the belt is useful. Somewhere along in my education, the point was made that patients want the doctor (PA) in nice dress clothing and white coat. Gotta do what you can for those Press-Gainey scores!
  9. www.wms.org wilderness medical society. you will be able to make any contacts you need there for remote medicine.
  10. depends on the state. In Texas, HEMS have to have at least one paramedic. Since I am a paramedic, I can fulfill both roles regardless of the other half of the flight crew. In New Mexico, the requirement is a nurse or higher, so as a PA, I fulfill that role as well, regardless of being a paramedic. However, being a paramedic would certainly help, as there are some significant differences between the ER and the emergency scene.
  11. not part of any residency program, but I fly with a company called Transaero Medevac. The typical flight crew is pilot, provider, and paramedic. Today we are an NP and PA flight crew.
  12. same thing happened to me, but NCCPA and moving from 6 year to 10 year renewal. Took my test Dec 29. Had I waited three days, I would have been in the first group of 10 year renewals instead of having to do another 6 year PANRE again before the 10 year. My Texas license expires 28 feb every year.
  13. it sucks to miss something big. My personal experience missing something had a much worse outcome. Learn from it. modify your practice to take advantage of your new knowledge and perspective. Be self critical, but not self destructive.
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