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  1. I treated every rotation as if I were seriously considering going into that field of medicine after my training. You might get more out of each rotation if you approach it this way. Even Ob/Gyn I approached w/ a bias, during it I was surprised how fascinating it all was and for a minute even considered it as a career. Although, I'd had my heart set on Urology, my critical care elective changed all that. Like I said, have an open mind, you'll get more out of your rotations this way. If not, then just lie to your preceptor :)
  2. wow (at the range here)... my wife makes $55/hr at an UC clinic. Though, this is only per-diem, and in southern ME
  3. I've never heard of this helping, but it's worth a shot. From what I've heard, the VA throws money at people, I can only assume there is a lot of flexibility in salary negotiation. I'm also in Maine, so things are probably different here.
  4. Is there somewhere we can read what exactly is stated in the rules (chapter 2)?
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