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  1. Ok, I'll bite. GPA: 3.81, pre req's-3.8 at school #1, 3.69 at school #2 Clinical experience: 15 years as a paramedic, 9 as a critical care paramedic. 10 years as a EMD dispatcher. ACLS,PALS,NPR,PHTLS,CCEMTP certifications. Paramedic mentor, EVOC (emergency driving) mentor. Taught county protocol classes. Approxiamately 50,000+ hours of health care experience. Schools: U of Detroit Mercy(graduated from there), Wayne State GRE: 1430 writing: 5
  2. In SE Michigan, CRNA's make more. At 1 major Detroit health system, CRNA's make $72.00/hr with benefits and a contigent makes $83.00/hr. I am most certain that the oth er health systems pay similar. A wife of a co-worker is currently enrolled in CRNA school and was offered jobs before she even started. I remember the one job was for $135,000+ with loan repayment. This was at a smaller community hospital about 2-3 hours north of Detroit. Rob
  3. Now, I have been out of the service for awhile,USMC 85-89. But as an officer, can't you resign your commission at any time,once any initial commitment is satisfied. You should be able to retire, as you have 26+ years now. Rob
  4. Please be advised that Cuyahoga Community College,TRI-C, Is longer accepting applications for their surgical PA program. I spoke with Sharon Luke, Program director, and had this fact confirmed. Also, Sharon said they are in the process of looking into making the program a Masters level. Rob
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