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  1. BONES

    PA compensation

    That is very impressive compensation! Do you know their work load? Hours worked, # of patients seen per day or week, call, other tasks required?
  2. BONES

    PA compensation

    I would like to see some data showing that high of salaries. Also it would be helpful to have salaries matched with work load and/or other responsibilities. I believe if someone is seeing twice the number of patients, taking call, rounding, consults, surgery assist these things should factor into the total compensation. Why does there have to be a limit of what we can make, if you can help to generate hugh income why not be compensated appropriately. I have heard before that mid levels should be paid about 30% of what they generate. Also those friends of yours that make >120k what other benefits are they receiving? i.e. ins, cme, pension, bonus
  3. BONES

    PA compensation

    I have really appreciated the repsonses that have been made, and I have gained some (limited) insight about salaries matched with jobs. I sure wish that others would give their data, i.e pay, number of patients seen per week, other responsibilities, call etc..... I tried to use some of information before to approach my doc about a raise, but he took the higher ($120-$135) salaries to be salary + all other perks (bonus, benefits, CME, pension) as part of that total. I believe that there are people making 120-135 as a base salary plus other benefits???? I am really curious to see the total packages people make matched with their work load. I currently believe that I should make a heck of lot more for the amount of work and responsibilites, but I have nothing (comparative) to base it on. I guess it comes down to people making as much as their doc's believe they are worth. I believe we are worth a lot more than we get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BONES

    PA compensation

    I Have Been Glad To See The Data From Around The Country, But Would Love To See More From Some Of The Readers. This Thread Has A Lot Of Views, But Only A Few Posts. Please Respond With Your Stats If Possible.
  5. BONES

    PA compensation

    I am an NP-C. I have 4 years experience with an Orthopedic surgeon. I appreciate the reponse. I hope this data will help me with getting better compensation.
  6. BONES

    PA compensation

    I am a fellow mid-level orthopedic provider. I am gathering the data to present to the surgeon I work for, in hopes of a better salary. I have a few weeks until I approach him, I hope to have some real data to compare what I do and get paid to what others in the country are being paid. I will give you my data. Pay 75K salary Hours per week: 60-70 Patients seen per week: 170 (in office) Assist in surgery On call q3rd night and 3rd weekend See all in house patients, and all consults Pays for CME courses No pension Thanks for the reply
  7. I am researching the general compensation of mid-level orthopaedic providers across the country. Anyone interested please provide solo or multi physician practice, general salary, number of patients seen per week, surgical assist or not, on-call or not, time-off, number of hours worked per week, other compensation (insurance, CME, pension)? The data would be quite helpful.
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