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  1. If you are interested in dermatology you really should join the sdpa. Go to Dermpa.org. This is the best site for fellow PA's who want to work or do work in Dermatology. From what you stated above I believe you are going to be underpaid. There are certain things you need to know as a Derm PA. 1) Are there any restrictions on what type of pateints you can actually see. 2) Will you get a copy of your collections each month to review. 3) What patient load are you expected to have. 4) Will you have a Medical Assistant that works with you only or do you share with the other providers or maybe you don't have one at all. I can tell you the best way to be paid in Dermatology is to be paid on a percentage of your collections. It should be somewhere between 30%-40% of what you bring in. Example: your monthly net collection is $40,000 a month which is easily attainable seeing 25-28 pts per day 5 days a week. You get 30% your pay would be $12,000 per month. The practice makes $28,000 a month. A win win for both. If you are only paid a salary $82,000 per year and the same numbers are used as above you would be making only $6,833 per month or about 17% of your collections, and the practice makes 83% or $33,200 per month. Not a good deal for you but a great deal for the doctor. I would recommend becomming a member of the sdpa and get informed about how PA's get paid in derm, because a lot of PA's are being severly underpaid for the work they do. Hope this helps.
  2. bb82

    Arizona PA's

    I just recently moved to AZ working in Derm. I have been a PA for almost 8 years. Wanted to know about the job market and perception of PA's here. I know the Derm world is pretty well connected, but I would like to find some PA's in other areas/specialities to bounce ideas off of and possible network. Anybody out there?
  3. It was the first job I had and I actually found it on the job postings at my school just before graduating. It was the first time the Dr. utilized a PA and it was a great experience for both of us. I enjoyed the work in GI, very interesting cases. I learned a lot and coming right out of school I wanted a position where I could retain most of those basic skills I had learned. After 3 years I just needed a change. I always wanted to work in Dermatology so I made the switch.
  4. Began in Gastroenterology and liver disease. Worked for 3 years and then switched to Dermatology for the past 4 years.
  5. This is great finally PA's talking about ownership! Would love to hear from anyone in California who has put together a clinic or corporation that has ownership. I am trying to do the same in California and just began looking into the legalities of the whole thing. I have a Doctor lined up, but I am not sure how to begin the business without being in breach of california PA laws, which say you can only own 49%. I really don't have another PA who is interested to doing this so the ownership has become difficult. I am trying to think outside the box! Any sugesstions?
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