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  1. I wish this wasn't happening, but there are some key portions that are still on-campus. Certainly, there are some courses that can be taken online without any issue with lack of face-to-face interaction. We have all sat through a lecture, bored out of our minds, wishing we were able to be home in bed reading the lecture alone. I see they have "on-campus immersions". There is one immersion each semester for first three semesters. The immersions are 5 full days on-campus with open lab. Anatomy lab is on-campus with instructor. Also, they have a simulation lab on-campus. Some of the lectures will be live/virtual. I don't think this program fits exactly into what I would define as an online degree program. It is not a master's completion program. It is not fully online as there are face-to-face clinical and "on-campus immersions"
  2. I disagree. You are saying because you went through med school you shouldn't have to do what every other PA has to do in order to become a PA. You come off as thinking you should have been entitled to just take the PANCE or better yet why not just apply directly for licensure and start working.
  3. PHAs for military, VA disability exams, medicare exams, DOT physicals, retail clinics seeing basic low acuity conditions, EMR companies, Coumadin clinic maybe, drug rep/clinical liaison?
  4. I have met a few FMG with the same situation. What a costly road this was for you. If you are not aware there is history of FMGs trying to sit for the PANCE before and did very poorly. So, this set the standard that just because one went through med school didn't mean they could pass the PANCE. So, to be upset by a "formality" of wasting 2 years of your life to take a test you think you could have passed without the "formality" is kind of coming off in the wrong way to me. You did poorly in your standardized testing for med school, applied to 410 residencies over 3 years, only got a mere 2 interviews, applied to 90 PA schools and only got 12 interviews...So, to be a little cocky about needing to go through PA school is just not right. You succeeded in your journey to becoming a medical provider. Congrats for that. Moving forward I wouldn't even discuss having gone to med school. Some opinionated people think PA school is for candidates who can't cut it in med school. That kind of applies to you as you didn't succeed in becoming a physician. Also, I wouldn't share with your colleagues that you feel like you wasted your time in PA school to take a test which you could have passed regardless. Welcome to the PA profession
  5. "those that can't do, teach". Do you want to teach at all? But seriously, with only trying 2 different fields of all the possibilities, it would be a shame to throw away all the time and money you spent to become a PA. What are the parts of the job you don't like? It would be helpful for us to know in order to provide some more specific suggestions. Also, have you considered doing a residency?
  6. I agree with EMED that an MHA (or an MBA with health admin concentration) is the way to go for admin type work. Also ditto what he recommends for degrees for teaching. Certainly, the DMSc would be okay for teaching as well. The Lynchburg program is shorter then Lincoln and I think aligns better with admin/teaching.
  7. Well for the pilot if you fail then you are extended an additional year to take the tradition PANRE. If that continues past the pilot then there will be option for remediation.
  8. I think then you're good for 10 years. If this pilot works then every 10 years you will have the option of this or traditional PANRE test.
  9. You can list your home address and then change it once you get a job. Just be certain you change it before you start working or patients, if by chance they search out your license, will be able to see were you live.
  10. I'm still on 6 year cycle and have PANRE due 2019. Eligible of course to take PANRE in 2018. I'm not sure what I think about this. On one hand it seems nice to be able to sit down and go through 25 questions whenever/wherever I would like, but then I don't like spreading it out over 2 years. I'd rather just take the PANRE and be done with it in one day and then know where I stand. Will be interesting to see what happens with all this. What are initial thoughts from everyone who will be eligible for this pilot?
  11. This is not true. In order to work as a PA you must graduate from a PA program and pass the PANCE. If you are applying to anesthesiology residency, as a physician, then is becoming an AA or PA your back up plan? PAs do not work in anesthesiology like an AA or CRNA can. Suggest a bit more research on your end.
  12. I see a dozen "sinus infections" a week and feel like I'm constantly battling to educate patients. The problem is my fight is directed at the patient instead of the providers who keep giving out the magic z pack. I'm just blown away by how so many of my "colleagues" see patients with URI symptoms, document a 100% normal exam, and then give a z pack. And even better healthy adult patients with runny nose, sore throat, and cough who get both a rapid strep and back up throat culture. Had one a few weeks ago where the provider started amoxil at initial presentation despite clear URI symptoms and negative rapid strep which didn't need ordered to begin with. Followed of course by a throat culture. Like what/why? If you're going to start an unnecessary antibiotic then why even order the strep at all? (documentation didn't reflect any concerning findings on oral exam).
  13. I worked front desk at a hotel during PA school and for 3 months after until I got certified and licensed.
  14. Ohio has a monthly newsletter.....I read it when I'm in need of a good laugh. Some of the stories are just crazy and I can't believe MD/DO/PAs do this dumb stuff.
  15. That I am not sure about....I've had to "query" myself in the past for an employer. totally agree! However, I wish I had searched yelp before going to one of my prior positions because I would have turned and walked away. I don't agree with using Press Ganey and the whole concept behind that, but simple yelp/google reviews certainly can show how the practice is on a personal level vs their medical treatment. A patient can get the best evidence based treatment, but still walk out feeling they didn't get treated at all because they didn't get what they wanted.