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  1. I'm way late to this party but am researching the topic for my own purposes. I read, "I guess I'm a little confused too. Nonetheless, you do realize that almost anyone can first assist? An RN, or anyone off the street in many states can first assist." Anyone off the street can 1st assist??? Now I'M confused, lol!!! 1st assists are co-operators with the surgeon. All 1st assists used to be other surgeons - now PAs can fulfill this valuable role (and bill at 85% of what a 2nd surgeon would). I'm a surgical PA, and in the OR as a 1st assist we don't "suction, cut sutures and retract
  2. I so agree. As long as your license is in good standing, why volunteer? You are a (licensed?) professional. Go be one. I'd go with the FP offer - what a great way to re-immerse yourself with low(er) acuity.
  3. @MediMike: Thanks for the reference, but I'm not sure I agree. Throughout the (very interesting!) history you cited, there are references to "Physician Assistant", "Physician Assistants", Physicians Assistants", and "Physician's Assistants": 1963 Hu Myers, MD, approaches the Alderson-Broaddus College Board of Trustees in Philippi, WV, about starting a four year degree-granting program to educate physician assistants similar to the degree granting nursing program that he had helped establish at the College in 1945. The Board turns him down. 1964 Eugene A. St
  4. If you are in touch with the hospital/practice, and not communicating strictly through the recruiter, I would say just email them (ALWAYS have a written record!! Email serves this purpose perfectly for this) and tell them you haven't received a contract or letter with formal offer yet, and ask them when they will be providing you with this. You don't have to ask whether or not you should continue looking for jobs, but you could tell them that without a contract or formal letter of hire you will have to continue pursuing other opportunities. Be polite, be professional. How long ago wa
  5. There never should've been or should be an 's. The 's makes "Physician Assistant" a possessive, as if we belong to the physician. Our title has ALWAYS been, "Physician Assistant", When you see the 's, it is a grammatical/punctuation error. PS it also drives me MAD!!
  6. Hello! I am a newly grad working on completing MA license app and I came across your comment re: required trainings. The hyperlink to Domestic Violence training works but others do not.  Do you know where I can access them? 

    Thank you for your help as I am lost trying to navigate the system!

  7. It might be worth a few hundred dollars to get a good GA attorney's input on your situation: https://www.duigeorgia.com/dui-and-medical-licenses
  8. I don't think my response was unnecessary. Sometimes a little "tough love" can jolt someone into action. I doubt the leads a poster might get here will be more numerous than a "physician assistant" search in the "United States" on Indeed. There are 1000s of jobs! I adhere to my premise that as a provider, one needs to be resourceful and an excellent problem-solver. How else do you deliver excellent care to more complex patients, or even your everyday patients? Oh, and BTW (that's shorthand for "By The Way") - if you don't know that "Srsly?" is an extremely common space- and time-sav
  9. You can also just talk to him and say, "With you doing telehealth on Fridays, how would you like me to schedule my 36 hours? Do you want me to do 4-9s, or come in for a half-day on Friday?". You know - have a conversation!
  10. Another nice, simple reply is to look her square in the eye and say, "why do you ask?". It will throw her off balance and she'll stutter and stammer but then come up with some BS reply to your question. When she does, just say, "I'd rather not discuss it". Rinse, repeat.
  11. I will say one more thing: you need to find your power and take it with you to work. That means get clear on reality (this is about him not you) and operate out of that base all day long. Remind yourself frequently that you have worth, you are educated, you are showing up for work every day despite a very difficult situation and trying your best, you are interested and willing to learn. Keep that in your heart and you will be less likely to knocked around by more powerful personalities.
  12. What profession is that? What do they do (scope of practice) and how are they licensed? Too bad we missed the boat on that one. Thanks for the info.
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