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  1. I agree with emed. I feel it is very short sighted to see it as a loss to the profession. Is it a loss to the rn profession when people become NPs sure but them you gain a great NP? Or a good paramedic becoming a PA....The majority of PAs will NOT want to take on the debt and hours and scut of going to med school. The bridge cuts out a year, and therefore 1/4th the debt and tediousness. I wish allopathics would follow suit but guess when they will, when more former pas who are now MDs help push it! I personally would/will ALWAYS be a huge supporter of the profession that allowed me to fully realize my potential but for me I didn't know how it would feel till I was there, pushing against the glass ceiling. It's unfair to expect people to know what they want for infinity, well, ever! I had an inkling, yes but pa as a stepping stone is a very expensive long way no matter how you cut it and most sane people won't do it!
  2. Woops. I did check it out before I posted but I didnt go all the way down on the last page so I thought the last post was from 2010. thanks.
  3. I am planning on applying to medical school for 2013. My husband is currently finishing his residency and we have a two year old so we're trying to maintain some sort of balance in our training. I'm certainly interested in this program, but my concern would be match as LECOM is a DO program so how much is this going to limit people interested in surgical subspecialties or highly competitive fields. I work as a very autonomous hospitalist right now but I don't think I want to necessarily work in a primary care speciality when I'm done. Just wonderingif anyone else is thinking of applying in the near future or even starting it this year! What a fantastic time for our profession. Think of the changes and support for our profession this will bring with more of our own becoming doctors. Name change wont be far behind I would imagine.
  4. i love this thread. it should def be stickied! i keep coming back to it.
  5. a question along these lines. Under what conditions as a PA do you have to give 3 weeks notice?
  6. i totally agree. i will be in this position as well. i just accepted a position that is very far from ideal for a new grad, but i think they understand that with the low salary, no benefits and crappy conditions i will bail asap.
  7. when i tried to getm y dea # it seemed you need to have a place of employment listed... is it necessary to have a job lined up first?
  8. That seems really excessive. As a new grad I don't know how you can do it, without putting yourself at risk somewhat. As a new grad you aren't fine tuned enough (I know I'm not anyways) where you have experience on your side helpimng guide your decisions. I think I would feel extremely overwhelmed too. I am looking at afamily practice job right now and they said i will start with 6-7 pts a day and work my way up to 25-35 with lots of guidance. :/ I think I'd lose my mind with the patient load you ahve as a new grad.
  9. Man I already relate to this and I've only just bee accepted to PA school. Nobody seems to know what a PA is! I want a bit of recognition ya know? We work damn hard to get into PA school and get the grades, and people just assume its something menial. Argh! I've had to explain so many times that what I am doing is not nursing or a medical tech.
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