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  1. My biggest thing would be to not have to move. I was going to apply to LECOMs program but it would require me to pick up my family and move to be within the hour requirement from the campus. I live 2 hours. Most PAs who would do a bridge program are established, settled and older I would presume and have been practicing for awhile (me 15 years). I would love a distance learning format with little time spent on campus needed. I would love some sort of credit for my years of being a PA. The LECOM program gives you no benefit over a person just applying to their Family medicine track. Some sort
  2. Hi everyone! Just finished my first week at my new job as a PA hospitalist. BIG change for me!! Outpatient med is SO different from inpatient med! I'm having trouble with IV fluids- how and when and how much, etc. Any tips or good books to recommend? Thanks!! Debi :confused:
  3. UGH!!! My supervising doc and I had the most rude and wierd patient the other day. First when I took her back and introduced myself she was immediately annoyed. "I want to see and talk to the doctor only" she said. She then proceeded to tell me that her medical information is confidential and she does not want to share it with anyone else. She also said that she was paying for a doctor and that's who she wants to see. I proceeded to tell her that the doctor and I work together as a team to ensure the best healthcare for our patients and that in order to see the doc she had to see me and
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