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  1. Wait till you guys have to recert with the new and improved PANRE (just a hint of sarcasm). More pressure due to fact that most jobs will can you if you fail. No job = no money = kids/wife start losing weight. At least you guys are on the 10 yr plan.
  2. Nah. Felt same way after both PANCE and PANRE. For sure thought I failed. Ended up passing pretty decent margin. Lot of questions was like where did that come from. But if you're prepared more often than not you answered correctly.
  3. Good luck everyone. Let us know how you did. Minimum passing score is 379.
  4. Never too early to start studying for PANCE. My one huge mistake during PA school and rotations was that I would relax during each 2 week breaks in between semesters and weekends. In hindsight, I shoulda studied all the way thru. Most students during school and rotations were already preparing for PANCE using Kaplan, Lang Q&A, etc...
  5. Thanks rmathews619. More or less I did study similarly except for one huge difference. I am working full time now with 2 young kids so I have LOT less time to study now. For the PANCE, I ponied up $200 for the online Kaplan Q&A and did their Qbank religiously and in hindsight was what prepared me the most. Also did Apleton & Lange book and reviewed my PA school notes/handouts. That was about it. Not much into travelling cross country to sit for 3-5 days with airfare/hotel/meal $$$ for Study prep courses. I like studying on my own in a locked room. Wierd that I came out
  6. Took the PANRE two Saturdays ago and waited just about a week for results....PASSED.. My 2 cents... I felt new PANRE was not too different from PANCE in that I came out thinking there is a good chance that I had failed.. I thought "What just happened???".. I even went straight home and resumed studying figuring I had 3 to 4 months till my second attempt.... Anyways,,,,for those about to study...here is how I did it.. 1) Studied Appleton and Lange Q&A,,,the yellow book like crazy..know it back and forth.. 2) The CD Q&A from the book that AAPA/NCCPA recommends
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