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  1. sounds like a Greg Henry neuro exam: see them walk, hear them talk, look in their eyes.
  2. Gatoraider...not as glamorous as gladiator, but what can ya do.
  3. allopraxician...you know , A kind of clinicist.....FFS.
  4. many of the programs are part of the association of postgraduate pa programs(appap.org). Most of the EM programs meet the sempa recommendations for residency programs, designed when I was on the board of sempa a few years ago. A few of the em programs also required passage of the caq at the end of the program.
  5. agree with above. I am a big fan of postgrad training and doctoral credentials for PAs. CAQ exams/certs as well.
  6. agree with this. NPs are an issue. Lateral mobility is going away. Yes, you can work in any specialty you want, but you may need to live in BFE to do it. Outside of formal residency programs, most physicians don't want to train PAs.
  7. If it was me I would go with B. established program with specialty focus of interest to you and quality rotations? Done.
  8. let's hope. I will never refer to my self as a clinicist or praxician. If it came to that I would say " I am one of the ER providers today" and leave it at that.
  9. the 6 elements are all well and good, but don't often reflect what goes on in a state. WA, for example is MUCH more PA friendly than OR, yet WA has 5 and OR has 6. PAs run ERs solo all over WA. Only 1 ER in OR was PA run, until it was purchased by a larger organization and turned into a 12 hr/day urgent care.
  10. fast track without higher acuity is the road to burnout. been there, done that.
  11. I did 17 years of low to medium acuity and very high volume with 8-12 hr shifts. I don't want to do that any more. I want medium to high acuity and low volume with 12-24 hour shifts. When I switched from a busy trauma center to a rural , critical access hospital I got a $35/HR raise to practice medicine the way I want to and don't have to report anything to anyone. I get a consult only when I feel appropriate. I turf procedures only when I think I shouldn't do them.
  12. I think in academics PhD>DHSc>DMSc at this point due to several factors, including academic rigor and duration of training.
  13. If I had lots of free time and money I would probably get a DrPH
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