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  1. I get this too because I work long shifts and have a decent amt of time off. I spend too much time on the road between 4 different CAH EDs, but like the variety. I work 13 days this month, but it is 222 hrs with a combination of 24s, 12s, and 10s.
  2. Live in OR, work in both OR and WA
  3. the ones with a residency, a doctorate, and a CAQ are the real hard chargers....:)
  4. also more pay for CAQ. I am guessing a confounding factor here is also years in practice. Those who have been around for longer are more likely to have acquired a caq or doctorate.
  5. sorry I am late to the show. Just had 4 days in a row of nightmare pts. One of my rural jobs is right next to a cancer center. what could go wrong...3 pts in dept at same time with neutropenic fever! three! anyway, Sounds like a great case. My last one was kinda similar. lots of dilaudid, lots of lopressor, bled like stink....
  6. The govt jobs(VA, CDC, state dept, FBI, CIA, prisons, etc) pay more for those with doctoral degrees. The doctorate also makes you more competitive in an area with lots of DNPs. It does give a big boost to those working in administration, teaching, or leadership positions.
  7. Often people describe it as 2/3rds of medschool in half the time. Pretty accurate.
  8. great case and very broad differential to include, but not limited to AAA, ischemic colitis, SBO, volvulus, intususception, pancreatitis, ovarian, uterine, or bladder pathology, metastatic dz or primary malignancy, hernia. Doubt acs given that story. goals: hydrate, control pain, image with CT angiogram of abd/pelvis after fast u/s exam looking for free fluid, cbc, cmp, lipase, ekg, trop, INR, lactic acid, blood cultures, UA, UDS
  9. really depends on lots of factors, like which programs you apply to and the rest of your application stats.
  10. members of the faculty as well as preceptors and community clinicians.
  11. would if I could. I just interview the folks that get approved through their initial screening process, sorry.
  12. Found out today I will be on the admissions committee. Cookies and pizza bribes may be sent to.....:)
  13. check Boston University. I believe they will take you without the MPH, but you may have to do a bit of extra coursework.
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