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  1. I keep pt stickers for folks I am worried about from the ER.
  2. The hospital I did my IM rotation at had 30 stories. I would only use the stairs. I love running stairs and have found several long flights near my house that I incorporate into my runs.
  3. GPA is ok, but on the low side. Apply to programs that like HCE>GPA and you should be in good shape. Older programs like U.WA , etc
  4. I have been doing minor stuff with dumbbells in the call room for years. We(the nursing stuff and I) just started doing squats on the hr(using military time) so 2300 gets you 23 squats, etc and lunges on the half hr. That works out to 169 squats per 12 hr shift. Anyone else have workout routines for the longer shifts?
  5. fun class. Covers all the less common code situations like tox and hypothermia, etc more than the standard stuff. worth doing at least once.
  6. true. If she was interested in FM or EM it would be much more doable. Surgery is brutal.
  7. Totally agree with 100% of this. In my early 50s I would still go back to medschool today if single with no commitments. It is 100% NOT about the money. It's about the respect and opportunities for better training.
  8. agree. coming from an ems background really helps with EM in general and trauma in particular. Always be thinking about what is next, even before the patient arrives. bad mva? gather the troops, check the availability of lifeflight, lay out equipment you may need, including backups: 7.5 ET tube, king LT airway, crich kit. check. extra nurse from the floor. check. EZ IO and set up for EJs, check.
  9. version 10 is pretty good. Includes FAST, etc
  10. I took ATLS at my program's affiliated hospital for free as a student right before my trauma surgery rotation. Highly recommended. great course.
  11. I would still work, but a lot less. Probably 24 hrs/week or so.
  12. Rotations are really more important than skills labs in school. Go to a school with good pance scores and a lengthy list of rotation sites. Typically older programs have an advantage in this regard. a 20 yr old program has already gotten rid of the bad sites and preceptors. a 2 yr old program, probably not. electives are nice, but don't discount the availability of "selectives". my program had zero electives, but within each required rotation they had so many options that one could create a focus. I did peds em for peds, trauma surgery for surgery, ICU for medicine, etc and spent 27 of 54 cli
  13. I did a peds ER rotation there in 1995. Great hospital, crappy neighborhood.
  14. flexibility is good. If you really like EM and really feel like you have maxed out the learning in FP then it sounds like the only thing keeping you there is benefits. So you are looking at a trade off: more free time or covered benefits? If you can afford to do per diem/PT EM (option C) and buy benefits that would give you the most flexibility to travel, etc six hr shifts are really short. I imagine in a post-covid world those will become 8s or 10s. I work 24s, 12s, and 10s. The 10s feel like they go by super fast. As an aside, $60/hr is on the low side for EM Pay for an exper
  15. There are lots of jobs in CA, but I would argue that there are not lots of jobs in desirable parts of the state. Many are central valley or not within 100 miles of the coast. I grew up in CA and attended college there and even 25 years ago most of the jobs were not in places I would like living.
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