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  1. I am not sure about the blue side of the house, but agree with checking with the AMEDD recruiter. They can waive age up to a point-should be easy with prior service. They do give constructive credit for TIS, both as an officer and as a PA. I believe the formula is 1/2 credit for each. The AMEDD recruiter can set you straight.
  2. What questions do you have?
  3. I think that we all should have Essentials in our library, rather in ortho, EM or primary care. Excellent resource.
  4. In addition to Andersen's reply-you have to be or have been a PA-C also...
  5. It is even bigger than that... Like sure, a NP can practice completely independantly...unless s/he wants to Rx then has to have a collabarative agreement with a physician-which looks the same as many of our arrangements with our SP's...
  6. It isn't that simple...and most NPs need more supervision to do what they are doing than what they would like for folks to believe...there's always fine print and more to the story than what is evident at a glance...
  7. There used to be a rumor that there was a limit on the number of 18D's that could be accepted due to concerns about taking too many away from SF-but I am sure that this is just that-a rumor.
  8. Similar to E, mention that I started in the military as a medic. As for what we do, mention that we practice medicine, but since we don't go through the whole course of medschool and residency have a physician that we can consult for back-up...then go on to say that I manage patient's nonsurgical, preop and post op care and assist in the OR. When asked about PA vs. NP, I tend to use the MD vs DO comparison that has been mentioned here before...
  9. This is a topic that I would be interested in learning more about, and would certainly attend a breakout session on...
  10. And enough time off to moonlight if so desired... :cool:
  11. Well-if they were going to allow them to bill-they would have to go through the process of being issued PINs, etc-would they not? I am not certain what the real reason CMS has its stance is... I do think that is a good selling point for PAs and NPs as surgical assistants-the ability to break to go see that ER consult or take care of the emergency on the ward and to do rounding, etc.
  12. CMS doesn't see a difference between PA's and NPs. We are midlevel providers. Some NPs were surgical nurses before going back to school...the others that participate in the OR likely learn the way that most surgical PAs do-OJT.
  13. That 10 year clause gets a lot of us-and most don't seem to know about it until they are ready to punch out... Fortunately I was about 2 weeks shy of 10 yrs when I commissioned...
  14. Sometimes for that reason, Z it is best to have 2 seperate continuity books running... :cool:
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