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  1. Is someone wanting to change our title? Guess I need to read a little more.
  2. Having read various stories about animals helping some people deal with anxiety, I asked the clinic manager today if I could bring in an emotional support chicken. She shot me down.
  3. I won't go into detail. Let's just say I've done some things I'm not proud of but, we are talking about ice cream here.
  4. I would do anything for love....but I won't do that.
  5. Boatswain2PA: "We should be able to disagree professionally without being castigated as "old", or "impotent", or told to "shut up"." ArmyVetDude: "My physical therapist calls herself a doctor while calls us ASSISTANTS. If you want to be FOREVER ASSISTANT go ahead, OLD FART. PA will no longer be just physician assistant. We shall soon be working for DNP owned clinics and DNP bosses and be PROVIDING ASSISTANT. A Patient will ask, " what is PA and why does he work for you Dr. Nurse (DNP)?" The DNP doc will respond, "They PROVIDE ASSISTANCE to the clinic. that is why they are PA's. They PROVIDE ASSISTANCE" YUCK. Good luck working for your DNP boss boatswain. Dogmatic old PA's that don't want change like you deserve to be put in that place." --------------------------------- Seriously Mods/Admin. You folks are okay with this?
  6. My honest opinion is that there is no set time frame. If you find a better gig, take it.
  7. I believe helmets fall under the same category as diabetic shoes. I'm just a PA, and cannot write for one. You'll have to see your PCP.
  8. I have had patients show up at 2300hrs in the ER, with a complaint that they ran out of their medicine earlier that day. Me: How long have you been on this medication? Pt: About seven or eight years. Me: And how often do you take it? Pt: Twice daily. Me: So, you've been taking the medicine for many years, twice daily, and when you took this morning's dose, and saw one pill left in the bottle, you couldn't deduce that you would be out of medication after tonight? You're essentially telling me that you cannot count to one, two at best? Perhaps you should be wearing a helmet.
  9. I am surprised nobody mentioned this (or I missed it) but, what is the policy of your UC when it comes to patients with this presenting complaint? "I just need a refill on all my medicine." should have been met at the point of check in with, "I am sorry but, we do not refill chronic meds." Patient shouldn't have made it to a room for you to see them.
  10. I try not to take things personally, and I always fall back on my longstanding belief: Ral's dictum: If one out of every hundred patients thinks you are an a-hole, then that patient likely has the problem. If ninety out of a hundred patients think so, then you are most likely an a-hole.
  11. He who knows syphilis knows medicine. - William Osler
  12. New one this morning, with credit to my first patient of the day. Who told patients that not combing their hair would make their story more believable? Oh goodness, your hair going every which way, just rolled out of bed and didn’t have the strength to make yourself presentable appearance, certainly means you must be super sick. Thanks for not making me have to rely on my examination skills to figure this one out.
  13. It really is too bad that it has come to this but, for every responder that has suggested I need to be educated, do research, or suggestive that I am some type of anti-whatever, each of you can GFY. Seriously. We need to add a snowflake sub forum on this site, so each of you can go to your safe place. I won’t respond anymore in this thread, and any of the moderators can feel free to throw it in the waste bin.
  14. I’m thinking of a new all inclusive question that I can ask during the history taking, that won’t leave anyone feeling left out, and will help me to identify whom I am addressing. Perhaps something along the lines of “Do you have any history of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, epididymitis, or prostatitis?”
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