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  1. If I was going to join I would try to be a 68W since I already have my EMT and plan on getting my medic. In general, how competitive is IPAP for NG? I understand each state only gets a few slots, but are there a lot applicants within each state? Also, how do-able is national guard while doing my undergrad?
  2. I'm a pre-pa student that is thinking about becoming an ARNG PA. I am thinking about joining the national guard to help with student loans, and because I have always wanted to serve. Right now I'm considering enlisting while I'm doing my undergrad and then applying to IPAP when I finish, but I'm also considering waiting to join and commissioning after completing civilian PA school. I understand that if I enlist, my chances of attending IPAP are slim due to limited slots and funding, however I would rather try and be rejected than not try at all. Which route would be better? Enlisting has the possibility of IPAP, but commissioning also seems like the "safer" route. Also, if I did enlist and get rejected from IPAP, would I still be able to attend civilian PA school and be in the ARNG?
  3. I’m actually able to finish up all of the pre-reqs at my community college before I would transfer. I was just looking into this program because it’s would lay some ground work for pa school
  4. I’m finishing up my first semester at a local community college and have started looking at to transfer to for finishing undergrad. I found a unique one at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m slightly hesitant because of the emphasis on emergency medical services. It’s geared more towards EMTs/paramedics but the curriculum looks like it would be a good intro into what I would learn in PA school. The only other programs I’ve really considered are biology degrees with a pre-pa track. Would there be any advantages to the emergency medicine program versus a biology degree? For more info on the program, here’s the link to the homepage: https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/em
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