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  1. Hello All, Recent PA Graduate here from the class of 2021. I am currently selling the notes I made during my clinical year for my elective rotations and while studying for the PANCE. It's organized by disease system (cardiovascular, pulmonary, etc.) and has almost all the disorders and subjects on the PANCE blueprint and EOR blueprints listed. There are important concepts bolded/highlighted for those who like color, helpful notes from preceptors, and pictures for things I though helped me remember things better. I passed all of my EOR's without need for remediation and my certification exam on the first try as well (if that reassures anyone). I'm asking for $15 for the document that can be shared via dropbox. If you are purchasing with a group of >2 I ask for $30. It's the honor system here so I'll take anyone's word for it. I'd appreciate it if you found it helpful to share. It's not all inclusive and obviously these are a compilation of the information I have read (some verbatum if that's the way I memorized it), but I found it extremely helpful to be able to have everything layed out in front of me so I could compare similar diseases and get them straight. If you are interested, please email me your inquiries at kihab097@gmail.com
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