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  1. study for the GRE and try to get a good score because if you want to take it again you'll have to wait 21 days before you can. Some schools want everything completed before applying. You have the GPA, and patient care hours. So you're golden.
  2. I was wondering this question too. How do I know when to apply again? If there were deadlines for December 1st how will I know if I'm still in the process?
  3. yeah my birth year is 1968. fixed my car but now I have flat and now using my spare. I need to get 4 tires now. I've been watching GRE videos and it's helping but its like nerve wrecking when I don't understand the math. I'm not a good writer so I will be practicing. There's no way for me to know every vocabulary so that section will be a guessing game for me.
  4. Thank you. If nothing comes about this cycle I'll take some classes. This Fall semester is too late for me. I just finished my BS in Biology in May definitely needed a break but now I'm missing school. I was going to take my GRE this week but landed some car problems so I'll wait till next week.
  5. I'm 53yrs old and I am trying to get in PA school. Unfortunately my GPA does not look good enough to be recognized. I have to rely on my years of experience in the medical field and a good GRE score. I know that schools have a lot of students applying for this program and they have to ween off who don't meet the required grades, but I really hope that they take a bigger look at our age and see how committed we are and take a chance with us. I can't give up and let that dream be a dream. It's never too late you can do it. Look at your pre-req's and see what's missing and take one class at a time and before you know it you're ready to fill out your CASPA. I just watched the movie Internship and I felt just like Luke and Vince being surrounded with all these youngsters and not given a chance but in the end proved them wrong. I would love this opportunity.
  6. I'm hoping to take the GRE next month and South College and NOVA are waiting for my test results. I'm hoping to score a 300 or better. As I sit here and just go through some math I ask myself how long before I throw in the towel? Will schools be willing to invest in me and give me an opportunity or will they leave all the acceptance to the youngsters? I am not one of those "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" kind of guy. I am willing to learn and absorb. I hope that I am given that opportunity for them to see me and see that I am willing to learn.
  7. Thank you so much. Sometimes it's hard to see the path at this age because of reflection of my past. I have friends who moved on with life being successful in career and personal life. I feel I'm way behind the 8 ball. Living alone and the only friend I have here is my nephew who I on occasion help out with his math homework. I need to get out and jog and be more motivated. Working night shifts in the ER has been stressful. They do appreciate what I do but being a tech is definitely not my end of the road career for me. I want more out of that and help out much more than my current scope of practice. I'm gonna keep plugging away and hopefully out of those schools I've sent apps to maybe one will take me in.
  8. Thank you ohiovolffemtp, I took those classes except cell biology. Today was driving home from work this morning and just started to think a lot about where I'm heading as far as career. I was a bit sad but thinking 1) I don't have kids, 2) Never married and 3) I'm still single. So was even thinking just go for MD but I don't know if I can devote that kind of time at my age. What do you guys think? I really want to be a PA but if I don't have anything in my life why not go for MD. I just don't know, I'm just in a rut right now. I applied to at least 17 schools for PA and got turned down by 6 so far. I spent lots of money for applications. I will be taking my GRE in November and hope to score a 300 and above. I hate when depression kicks in and I sit an mope around and doubting, I just need something positive to happen in my life.
  9. Thank you once again. I will work on getting some advance courses and hopefully improve my GPA a bit. I will also get your book as to I'm always the outlier on campus.
  10. Thank you so much for your response and advise. I got my Bachelor's in May 2021 in Biology. They say that if my grade is a "C" and if I retake the class to get an "A" it would average to a "B". I totally understand that schools want to see if you can handle the case load by having a high GPA. I wish that they can see that regardless of my GPA majority of the schools look for a "C" or better in all classes, which I have accomplished" but I think its those other classes that brought my GPA down that was not a pre-req. I'm looking into trying to take some classes over but I would like to know if it's really worth it. I'm 53yrs old and time is running out on me and definitely motivation because I haven't reached that level of accomplishment. As a paramedic in the ER for over 15yrs I'm getting burnt out with the minor tasks and constant tech abuse. I will try to find schools that look for those last 60 credits but I will keep plugging away. I will try to even score higher on my GRE and maybe that will open their eyes. Thank you again.
  11. Here's my story: I'm 53yrs old, hispanic, lots of healthcare experiences with a low GPA (2.53). I've sacrificed so much for me to stop with a Bachelor's degree and continue at the same title at my job. I've built up so much student loans for me to stop where I'm at. I've been working in the medical field (emergency department and Ambulance) for over 15yrs. I've worked and went to school part time to try to reach the level of PA. I know now that while trying just to pass the class and move on to the next semester has hurt my GPA. At this age I just wanted to finish school and have some kind of hopes of getting into PA school. I see now that out of 17 schools that I have applied 6 already turned me down because of GPA. I have a feeling that schools look at GPA and wean out the low ones. but they don't take into account all my years of being in the medical field but rather put their hopes on students who don't even know how to take a blood pressure on a patient. I really hope that my background and experiences that they can see that I am worth taking that chance on becoming a really good PA student and encouraging those who feel like failing or even being a mentor when times get rough. I love helping people and really believe that I can be good in this field if given the chance. What are my chances of getting in PA school or are my dreams will stay dreams?
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