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  1. Honestly, online courses have changed a lot in the past year and the schools that used to not be proctored are now proctored. I would say your best bet is taking classes at your local community college if they still offer online courses.
  2. Thank you for that information. That's a bummer, hopefully there is change in the future.
  3. Hi! Do you mind saying when you submitted your app?
  4. I was considering send in a last minute app to this school, does it look like the class is filled/too late? Or are they still interviewing into the new year? Also, are the interviews in-person or virtual?
  5. I'm interested in applying to DeSales as a last minute applicant, do you all think it's too late/the class is filled?
  6. Hi! I actually saw your post about some voting being done in 2014 for the PA owned headache clinic you ran/own. I looked into it and saw it's closed now. I just thought it was really cool it was PA owned and was just wondering why it closed down? Did you just want a change? If that's not something you want to answer, that's okay! Thank you!
  7. After 8 interview offers I got my first rejection from Carroll. I’m fine, but I’m shook.
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