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  1. Shoot, I thought about this last week but figured I’d let them have their time. Ugh, so nerve wracking. I just sent an email so hopefully I will hear back soon. TY! How did your interview go? What are your thoughts on the format?
  2. Hey congrats! How long did it take them to call you to schedule?
  3. I received an email saying I was invited for an interview (Whoo Hoo!!). It was sent about two weeks ago and I have not received a call to schedule the interview. Does anyone have an idea what the turnaround time is from email to phone call? I know wiesem said the are interviewing into March but I’m worried they’ll pull my invite since it’s so late in the cycle. FWIW I have reached out to the Kallee but have not heard back from her either
  4. Well, it must not have been as bad as I thought because I just completed the one-on-one interview yesterday. It was awesome and the interviewer and I had a great moment while answering one of the questions; something I would bet has never happened before in an interview. I really REALLY hope I get the acceptance call but regardless I will have a wonderful memory to share forever. This opportunity is such a great example of never giving up, even when the chips are down. Happy Saturday, everyone!
  5. Thank you for this! I for sure bombed this interview and will be shocked if I’m given a faculty interview (especially give the very low application to acceptance ratio from last cycle). The one-way interview format totally threw me for a loop, knocked me off my game big time. If my expectations were low before they are all but nil now. I definitely learned from it so I’m focusing on applying this hiccup to the next interview that comes along. Best of luck to you and thanks again for your help!
  6. Were you on another waitlist and got moved up or is this the first you heard from them? I’ve been patiently waiting on the priority waitlist since end of November and have heard nothing. I guess it all depends on the ranking within the waitlist. I’m feeling defeated too because I thought my interview went well … not well enough I guess. I really like Chatham and hope it will work out. Best of luck to all of us still waiting and congrats to those who got a spot!
  7. I got an email today inviting me to complete a one-way interview. How was it? Any tips? Were the questions timed? Etc … anything would be helpful and much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hey how long after you submitted you application did you get this email?
  9. Did you just recently submit your application? I think I got a similar email when I submitted my back in May.
  10. I’m pretty sure an interview is required but during one of the informational zoom meeting Tyson said they will do interviews (one-on-one I believe) after the two group interview days. So what I got from that is an interview is required but if you didn’t make in one of the two group interview days there’s still a chance. ✌
  11. I haven’t either … I have a strong feeling we’ll more in the next couple days.
  12. Hello everyone!! I figured I’d start the topic for this upcoming cycle since application deadline is quickly approaching … interview invites will be here before we know it! *fingers crossed*
  13. For 10/23 interviewees: Did they give you a time frame of when we might hear something?
  14. Did they mention if they were holding another round of interviews or are they referring the the last round on 10/23? I remember them mentioning only two round but I’m not sure if they added more given the amount of applications.
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