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  1. Hi all, I am just posting this to let people know an important detail about submitting an exam grievance form. I tried to look it up online on the nccpa website and was not able to find any information. There is an old post on here from years ago that was able to confirm what I later found out. I called nccpa customer service and confirmed that if you submit an exam grievance form, due to a situation at the testing site that may have gotten in the way of your performance on the exam, your score will not be harmed if you end up passing. Multiple people confirmed that the grievance becomes null once you receive a passing score. On the other hand, if you happen to fail the exam, and the grievance was approved, they will allow you to retake the exam, pretty much right away (without the 90 day waiting period) and without having to pay another $500 fee. I hope this information is helpful!
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