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  1. Congrats ! Can I ask how many slots were left when you picked your interview time ??
  2. I think last year the last interview was 12/5 based on what I saw on last year's forum. Some people didn't get an invite until like the week before. Hopefully we get an interview invite too
  3. Honestly feel like they've been sporadic and just picking and choosing randomly regardless of when people were verified tbh lolol. It's like they closed their eyes and just picked a random name and that's when they look at them
  4. Does anyone know how long TTUHSC interview for? Because it's been quiet for me and I don't know when no news turns to bad news
  5. Has anyone heard anything from UNT as of recent ? I keep getting emails from them and get really excited about it and then I read the emails and it's unrelated
  6. Just got a rejection email without interview. Good luck to everyone
  7. An invite for this upcoming Friday or an invite for Dec 10?
  8. Are they still conducting interviews? It's been absolutely radio silence for me and literally the last email I got was a thank you for applying email
  9. Are they still sending invite for thr Nov 5 interview? Or do you guys think they're done sending invites for that date ?
  10. Congrats! I just wanted to know cause it's been radio silence for me and the last email I got was I fulfilled all the requirements
  11. Did they mention anything about extended interview dates or is December 10th going to be their official last interview ? (Assuming all invites for the November 5 interview was sent out)
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