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  1. No I haven’t, they said ~2 weeks so I feel like realistically maybe sometime early next week but who knows! I hope we can find out by tomorrow.
  2. I am also interviewing but haven’t received it yet! Are y’all in the zoom call meeting or in person?
  3. I was waitlisted as well but let’s stay positive and hope seats open up!
  4. They said the week of Nov. 1, I feel like we will probably know maybe Wed-Fri. I could be wrong, it’s just we didn’t hear anything today and I guess depending on tomorrow we will have a better idea of when we will get the calls and emails.
  5. I dressed business casual in case but most people were dressed casual so I want to say it’s whatever you want to do honestly but either way is okay!
  6. I have not been told or asked when we would hear back but I was looking at the last forum and people got accepted around November. Since they said interviews will be conducted up until early November, maybe we might know by then? I have work so I opted for the 24th tour!
  7. Just received my interview invite as well for next week! If anyone has advice or pointers, I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. When I submitted my application they sent me an email saying they offer interviews from September-early November. For those who received interviews recently, would y’all mind telling your stats in terms of when you applied, gpa, hours, etc. I applied late August and was wondering if maybe they are offering interviews to candidates based on when they applied? Definitely getting worried but still hopeful!
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