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  1. Has anyone heard from the 11/2 interview?
  2. Are interviews traditional interview questions? TYIA!
  3. Were acceptances through phone call, email, etc?
  4. From looking at last year’s forum, it seems as though they send a few more interview dates even after December. This seems consistent with last year, and they still accepted/waitlisted/rejected people during that December timeline. Just my observation!
  5. Does anyone know what the interview is like? MMI, standard interview questions?
  6. I’m a waitlisted applicant hoping for the same for both of us! I haven’t heard anything yet either
  7. I did receive this email, and also received it the day after my interview.
  8. For those that interviewed, did anyone receive an email after that requested to update admissions office if your address changed, as they send letters out by mail?
  9. Has anyone from the waitlist heard back about an acceptance?
  10. Can someone send the link to the virtual open house? It’s not working in my email.
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