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  1. Mine also said St. George..I was under the impression that we would be interviewing for both, but now I’m not sure
  2. It was pretty difficult to do, but yesterday I let Michelle know to pass my offer onto the next candidate. January is too soon and I have an offer for a class starting in summer. I would have loved to hang with you guys in Utah and I am so curious how everything will be!
  3. Congratulations to those accepted and waitlisted to the rest, this was a practice round, keep at it!
  4. Well, I'm from Portland Oregon, the candidate next to me was from Sacramento area. Both of the other candidates seemed like they would be great students and fun to be around!
  5. @RobertJ and @Jake408 Thank you guys! I'm still in shock/disbelief. I'm also waiting to hear back from UVU in Utah on Monday..I have never been to UNR, so I am thinking of going to check it out before making a final decision. Any info anybody has would be greatly appreciated! Rob, were you the one with a full 20 years in the Army that applied to 25 programs? I'm assuming you'll get into at least 5 programs!
  6. Veteran here, interviewed on the 25th! Also hopeful. Any other interviews on the books for you?
  7. Hailey, We were in the same interview and you were in my group (B-3). I did get an offer last Wednesday. I truly hope that you get in, you deserve it. I was impressed with how well you interviewed! I felt mediocre at best- When they called to tell me, I honestly thought someone was giving me a prank phone call. The admission stats feel like such a lottery! Did you apply anywhere else?
  8. @hannahaYayyy I am so excited for you!! I was in your interview group!! Enjoy Newberg!!!!
  9. I interviewed on the 19th and was denied entirely, congratulations to those waitlisted (and of course accepted)! I have another interview at University of Colorado in September to keep me optimistic! Haha
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