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  1. I am looking forward to meeting some of you at the interview! Are there any current students/alumni that can share their experience interviewing at BCM? How many interviews should we expect and what is the interview style (MMI, traditional one-on-one, and/or group interview)?
  2. I have not received one either. Hopefully we will receive a confirmation email soon. Looking forward to meeting you at the interview!
  3. I’m also interviewing November 4! I’m so excited! This is one of my top schools.
  4. Fingers crossed for all of you! No news is still good news For those of you who got an acceptance call, have you received an email yet? I know they said it would be sent today, but I have not received anything yet.
  5. I have a several questions for any current students or alumni. How was your experience at UB? How was the faculty and overall dynamic of your class? Do you think the school has done a good job and preparing you to become a PA? What is the overall weather like in Connecticut? Thanks in advance!
  6. Does anyone know why there is such a limited number of seats available? Is it because there are a lot of 5-year students matriculating in 2022?
  7. Does anyone know if UB has simulation labs with sim mannequins? If so, how many sim labs/mannequins do they have? Does anyone know where I can find more about this or access a virtual tour? I do not see anything on their website.
  8. Same here! I’m on the waitlist. I interviewed on 8/27.
  9. I’m in the same boat! Also interviewed 8/27 and haven’t heard anything either.
  10. I also received an acceptance call this morning! I interviewed on 8/13.
  11. Hey guys, has anyone heard back yet from any of the interviews this cycle? I wonder if they have started accepting students.
  12. Has anyone heard back from the interview on August 13?
  13. That is great to hear! I'm glad your interview went so well! Can you shed light on whether it was a traditional or MMI format?
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