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  1. I am 66 now , thank you for responding .
  2. Thank you ! Yep the market has been a ruff one !
  3. Well you are on the right in regards to HR speak in that I have a bachelors degree which was the highest degree granted at that time anywhere , however the course requirements to sit for the exam remain the same despite the degree conferred . But you are on track that that doesn’t translate in HR speak , yet 40 years experience should be worth something .You are also correct that my gray hair the last 15-20 years did garnish me with increased trust and respect . The majority of my experience is in surgery ,both General and Cardiothoracic , with some moonlighting in ER/ short term care . I have/am also seeking locums preferably within 10 hour/500 Mile drive of eastern Tennessee. I suspect although this old soldier will never die but “ just fade away “ however . Thank you for your response .
  4. I fear after years of proudly promoting our profession we are victims of our own success , with a plethora of new mostly young graduates being matriculated every year . In the past I have been excited for these fine young people . Now I find myself after nearly 40 years as a PA having been laid off due to corporate restructuring and unable to secure a position despite my aggressive year long search with impeccable recommendations . I have had many potential employers simply not have the courtesy to respond , and have received rejection letters stating that they hired in my specialty a more qualified candidate . After 40 years there simply couldn’t be a “more qualified “ candidate in the country , and my salary requests have been remarkably modest . I urge my fellow PAs’ to be aware that this may be in their future , any others out there had this experience?
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