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  1. Hey all, As I'm sure many of you are aware, Utah just passed a bill that will allow a PA to practice independently after 4000 hours shadowing a Dr, and 6000 hours shadowing a Dr or experienced PA. It will also allow PAs to bill independently. As I am a Utah resident in my didactic year, this is big news. Was hoping to get some feedback from y'all on how this should change my career path. I consider myself an entrepreneur and had already considered trying to open my own practice in the future because of how much higher the ceiling becomes. I'm interested to hear wha
  2. Hey all, Long time reader, first time poster here. I'm in PA school in WV right now, but am from Utah. With the recent bill being passed that will allow PAs to practice independently after 10,000 hours under a Dr, I'm just interested in hearing what everyone thinks the biggest upsides of this will be for our field? Will much change for for those working at IHC? Other ways to benefit from this without owning your own practice? in 1.5 years I will hopefully be back in Utah practicing and would just like to get some ideas on how this Bill should change career paths for t
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