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  1. I got into a bsn program a semester early. I have always had good grades and the nursing school i got into is the best in my state. However, everything my first semester was online except labs and clinical and tests. I did great in all labs and clinicals however those don’t contribute to grades in anyway they are just pass or fail. All of the learning online was extremely difficult as I was basically teaching myself this information then had to take extremely difficult tests on them. these tests are the only things that make up your grade except maybe a quiz here and there. A 78 is passing and anything below that is failing. I made a 70 in one class and a 77 in another leading me to fail out of nursing school and i am now left with an F on my transcript. I decided to change my major to pre-pa. I know I can do it when things are back to normal. I’ve never had a problem in classes until things were online. I am hoping to be able to pull my gpa back up and I know I can do that. I am worried that when it becomes time for me to apply to PA school they will see i was previously in a nursing program and failed out and give me no chance. Does anyone know of anything I can do to improve my chances of getting in as my semester of nursing school has completely screwed everything up for me. Like i said my grades have always been straight As until that semester. Do you think I even have a chance?
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