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  1. Just got a notification that my application was finally under review. I submitted 7/5 and was verified 7/6
  2. For those that have received a decision (interview invite or rejection), how were you notified? Thanks!
  3. @Nicoleevangelina @Aysha @PrePAStudent1867 I created a GroupMe! Here is the link for anyone that wants to join!! You're invited to my new group 'RUC PA Class of 2024' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/71618753/061hQEwp
  4. A current student DM'd me to let me know that the current first year students will be creating an official FB group for us closer to when the cycle is over, but I would definitely be open to creating a GroupMe just to get to know everyone before then!
  5. Does anyone know if someone from the program will create a Facebook group for admitted students or if it's up to us to create one? I've heard of programs that make their own group so I am not sure. I can definitely make one if it's up to the students though!
  6. @ARKprePA Oh wow that’s awesome, congratulations! Mine has said complete for over a month and I submitted 7/6
  7. Congratulations!! Did your application portal change from “complete” to “under review” before you got your invite? Also when did you apply? :
  8. Congratulations!! That’s awesome! Hoping to hear back soon
  9. Has anyone who applied late June/early July had their application go under review? I was verified 7/6 & my application status hasn’t changed from “complete” to “under review”. I know I’m most likely being impatient - waiting game is so hard!!
  10. My interview invite was 07/20 and they offered me a time of September 10th and another on September 24th and let me pick. They also let me choose my time (either 8am or 12:30pm). Hope this helps!
  11. Same as @gratefulguy said, my call came from a 540 area code & the location even came up from Roanoke, VA so I knew who it was before I answered! You’ll get an email from them though if for some reason you cannot answer their call!
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