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  1. Same, alternate… what about everyone else? And what campus? Mine is Lex.
  2. Exciting! Let the week(ish) long anxiety build up begin!
  3. Those who interviewed this week, when did they say decision emails would go out? LC
  4. Well, the reapplicant interviews are done, it went well but who can tell by zoom! haha. Good luck everyone, this may be the longest 3 weeks ever!
  5. Did anyone interview this morning as a reapplicant?
  6. Seems like last year it was approx 100 and that pick 50.
  7. Just got mine too! That was so stressful. Let the interview anxiety start now.
  8. I have a 5 year old little girl! I interviewed last year too.
  9. I’m going to guess they aren’t still working on this tonight , maybe tomorrow!
  10. From Pikeville but live in Berea and work in Lexington.
  11. Anyone else having major anxiety awaiting interview emails???
  12. Last year they moved it up from the expected Friday to Tuesday because of high number of apps, but then invites went out on Monday. So HOPEFULLY they go out Friday. (Fingers Crossed!!) Also, I'm from Pikeville, living in Berea, working in Lexington at Baptist Health.
  13. Same! It says July 23 interview invites should go out! Good luck all!
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