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  1. @kzwija2 the best advice I can think of is to prep with online interview questions. They didn't ask me anything I hadn't seen online.
  2. @Amy918 Good question. I took notes, but used my down time between sessions to get the information I needed from the website. You'll need to take notes during atleast one session. For my actual interview I asked permission.
  3. @EnthusiasticPAHopeful2021 Great story!! You were probs so relaxed for the other interview! I cried like a baby. I went to the bathroom at work and explained to my coworkers that my red eyes were from tears of joy instead of other things.
  4. Hey @prePAgal, I think Martha's email didn't want us to... But you can try.
  5. @cdaniel001, Hi, if I'm understanding your question correctly, you are asking what to put under A&P? To give you an example, I took A&P 1 and then A&P 2. I selected those courses. Does that help? If you took human anatomy, you should have a second class that says physiology. The website says this: Human Anatomy and Physiology: Regardless of the number of courses/credits, the requirement is the complete study of the anatomy and physiology of all the major human bodily systems. Typically, this requires either two semester-long or three quarter-long courses with laboratory components to accomplish. Alternatively, Human Anatomy with lab and Human Physiology (with or without lab) will satisfy the requirement. The deadline is September 1st. If your application has already been verified fully before during this current cycle got may have time, but be wary of the deadline. Good luck!
  6. Congrats to everyone!! I was just accepted! I was at work and literally cried. As you can see some heard back the same month and others had to wait 2 months. Keep hope alive!
  7. Haven't heard anything :(. From older forums it seems like we still have a few weeks to wait (possibly).
  8. Hi, Anyone getting accepted? Can't tell from the comments.
  9. @MSN214 1. Know your story: strengths, weaknesses, and what makes you stand out as an applicant overall. 2. Know the school and the basics of the PA profession: check out YouTube videos, the school's website, and news articles for info. Ask friends about the school. 3. Practice and be yourself: you are a quality enough to get an interview, now you just have to get the slot. Check out interview questions online and get used to answering them quickly and thoughtfully. Practicing out loud with another human helps. If you're applying to a school with a writing sample, practice writing short essays (multiple) in 30 minutes or less. There are examples of prompts online. Best of luck to you!
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