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  1. Hi everyone sorry! (I was in Iceland… so I wasn’t able to check this too often) But sure. Not sure what stats to share but generally, 4.95 gpa, ~800 hours (primarily volunteering), applied around May 22nd. As for format - it’s virtual and in the morning. Minimal other info has been provided yet. Hope this helps!
  2. So I think they sent out the first of the alternate list notifications yesterday, because I also received a notification, and I interviewed June 29/30… so (not sure of course) but I don’t think that anyone had been notified of alternate list placement prior to yesterday.
  3. Hey everyone I received an interview invitation for September 20th, and I was verified on May 20th
  4. I also received an interview invitation for September 11 Good luck to all receiving invites!
  5. Same- I interviewed 6/29 + 6/30 and haven’t heard yet either
  6. Has anyone else from the June 29/30 interview heard/not heard? Definitely starting to feel a little anxious haha...
  7. I wouldn't stress. I do think it's best to send your secondary as quickly as possible after you get it (I submitted mine the next day - and I got the interview invite before the deadline for my secondary), BUT you definitely have until the deadline to submit (not for processing). So you weren't late by any means. You'll probably get confirmation of receipt by later today or tomorrow. take a deep breath - I think you're fine. Good luck!
  8. Thank you for sharing this! I know that those of us who were in the first interview in June have been anxiously awaiting that "2 week mark" that they had mentioned to us - so it is a bit of a relief to hear that they told you they are just running behind. Congrats on having your interview, by the way. I hope it went well! And thanks again for the update
  9. Yes! They're both days - you don't choose one. They're normal; one is with a group, and one is individual hope that helps! good luck!
  10. Thanks - congratulations to you! That's awesome. The actual interviews aren't that long honestly. I would allocate about 90 minutes day 1, about 60 minutes day 2. Really brief.
  11. I had my interview yesterday and today. For anyone who is curious, I felt that it was pretty casual, not too stressful, and kind of fun! So to those of you who just got invites (CONGRATS!) - don't stress/worry too much. It's really clear that they just want to get to know you. Hope that's helpful!
  12. There is no broadly accessible supplemental application. If they want you to submit a supplemental -- they email you with a PDF that you fill out.
  13. Hey everyone! I applied on May 15th, got a secondary June 15th, and got an interview invite (for June 29 and 30) on June 17th! So it moved super quickly. To those mentioning it - yes, the secondary formatting was definitely not great! Using word first makes your life much easier. I hope everyone is having a smooth application cycle! Best of luck!
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