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  1. On there website it does explicitly state they require one from a professor or alternatively, an academic advisor. My guess is that they want someone that can specifically attest to your academic ability You can try to email/ call them to vouch for your LOR writer to confirm that they've been like an academic advisor to you - maybe you can work something out with them. Good luck!
  2. Thank you so much! You're so helpful Well they got back to me via email and they weren't very helpful lol. All they said was "due to high volume of applicants, we cannot conduct a pre-applicant review of courses." I just asked them to confirm whether they accepted my physio course because it says "intro" in the title. Most schools did accept it, but LLU did not
  3. I did not see a number to call them, but I will look again. Thanks for replying!
  4. I see, so there really is no room for negotiation. They've asked me to retake two of my courses, but I live in LA county where the majority of classes remain online. May I ask you a question? Is LLU your top choice school? I'm stumped on whether I should retake my courses just for LLU or if I should wait to see how other schools determine my status. Any feedback would be great, thanks! PS. By the looks of it, you and I have similar stats!
  5. I believe it took me about a week after submission to receive mine - try waiting a few more days. Good luck, hope you receive yours as well!
  6. Did you guys email paadmissions@cdrewu.edu? I sent them an email a while back regarding a question I had about one of my prerequisites but they've yet to respond
  7. Don’t worry guys, I haven’t heard anything as well. I believe they start evaluating applications after the deadline though I’m not too sure - don’t quote me on that lol
  8. Anyone else been contacted by the school? Im not sure what the status of my application is but an assistant professor reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to retake a prerequisite because they do not accept online labs despite the pandemic
  9. Hi guys! I’m a first-time applicant as well and anxiously awaiting for any responses at this point. The waiting game is brutal! I submitted my app on 06/01, verified 06/02 and still working on my supplemental - definitely a long one, though not as long as LLU lol. Can any one give me further information about how to send a money order? Is there a way I can do it online? Any information helps, thanks!
  10. Thank you so much! You’ve definitely provided some solace as I’m glad my application isn’t the only one that’s out in limbo. Fingers crossed we’ll hear back from the admissions committee soon -with interview invites Working on manifesting it
  11. Thank you for replying! I submitted my application during the priority deadline however, after an intense auditing process (had to submit syllabi for a few prerequisites) my application was considered complete by 06/14. You’re absolutely right, waiting is complete torture. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Here’s to hoping we become classmates one day
  12. To those of you who were just sent waitlist emails - don’t lose hope! I have faith you’ll get in My application was considered complete and under review on 06/14. I’ve yet to hear anything back from the admission committee regarding an interview invite or rejection. I’ve been hanging in there by telling myself “no news is good news.” Does anyone know what’s going on? Should I contact my admissions counselor? Any feedback would be great, thanks!
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