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  1. What’s the difference between PCE and HCE? I know a PCE can be a Medical assistant, a PCT etc. what’s a HCE?
  2. Hi everyone has anyone found any good online shadowing opportunities?
  3. Hi everyone I would like to start the PA program right after I graduate from my senior year (2024). Would I apply my junior year? Or if I apply at the end of my senior year can I start that fall?
  4. Should I get certified in both? Or just doing one will be fine for my resume?
  5. Hi everyone I’ve asked a similar question like this before but I’ve decided to get CNA certified. I will be working through my sophomore year and until grad school. I’m also registered to take an EMT course at my school this year (sophomore year) do I need the EMT if I have the CNA? Would it look better on my application that I did both? Or is better to stay long term with one?
  6. Hi everyone I’m going into my sophomore year this fall and I’ve been working as a pct over the summer. I was planning on taking a EMT course through my school to work as an ED tech to gain hours. Should I not take the EMT course since I’m already a pct? Instead I could use those credits for another class.
  7. Hi! I’m a sophomore in college and would like advice on PCE hours. I currently volunteer and I am starting to shadow this month. I am getting My EMT certification through school which will be completed at the end of my sophomore year. During that time I’m planning to work as a PCT. Does anyone know if PCT will count as PCE hours? Any advice on anything else I should be doing?
  8. Hi I’m currently a sophomore health science major. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to shadow with Covid going on? I’m in the western mass area. I also wanted any advice on how to strengthen my application? I currently volunteer and work as a medical greeter at a local hospital. I’m getting my Emt certificate in the fall, and I would really appreciate any tips.
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