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  1. Anyone elses portal not updated yet? Mine still just saws interview complete.
  2. Hey! I was also waitlisted. Did you happen to ask if the waitlist is ranked at all?
  3. I’m in this boat too. It sucks but hopefully we get good news back soon
  4. Just received an interview invite for 11/16! So excited!
  5. Thanks! Mine was two interviewers to one interviewee. It was fairly relaxed and I felt pretty prepared for all their questions
  6. Did anyone interviewing today ask when we would be hearing back about decisions? I completely forgot to ask!
  7. Hey guys, is anyone who interviewed last year who would be willing to share their experience? Or any current students willing to answer some questions about the program?
  8. Did you get this email? Or has anyone else who’s interview gotten it? I also interviewed in July and haven’t heard anything yet
  9. Hey! Just wondering if you ended up emailing them and what they said? Also looking for additional resources on the program!
  10. Has anyone taken MCPHS’s online/self paced organic chemistry course? How was it? Did you feel that lectures/assignments prepared you for what material would be on exams?
  11. Rejected today from both campuses. Stats: cGPA 3.64 sGPA: 3.61 PCE: ~1100 as EMT + paramedic Shadowing: 104 (MD & PA) Good luck to everyone!
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