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  1. Hello! Submitted application on 06/07/21. Not yet verified on CASPA. Received acknowledgment of receipt of application from SALUS on 06/08/21. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hello! Submitted CASPA on 06/07/21. As of today not yet verified. GW Supplemental App rcvd on 05/19/21. GRE scores sent 05/18/21 and were never updated for GW on my CASPA. I emailed GW but never heard back.. I figured this was something they were used to getting a lot and were busy with more important things. I ended up calling them and was informed it's CASPA who should update this. @swong97 Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for that email from them once my app gets verified. **fingers crossed** Good luck everyone!
  3. Didn't see a thread on the 2021-2022 app cycle for Shenandoah, so figured I'd start this one. Submitted application on 06/07/21. Not yet verified. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Hello! Submitted application on 06/07. Not yet verified. Good luck!!
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