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  1. I got the official email now, too!!! It is officially REAL!!! I can finally relax !!! Cant wait to meet all of you
  2. I got an offer, too !!! Ahhh!!! Class of 2024 guys !!! congrats to all of you that got in and my future classmates !!! Ready to go through the trenches with you!! To everyone else still waiting ...keep your head up ! Don't lose hope
  3. I felt the same way. Looking back it was like I wish I would've answered some of them by painting more of a picture of who I am and I feel like I lost sight of that sometimes. My second interview with faculty felt so normal and just like a conversation though so that made me feel better.
  4. For sure !! I've just heard they send waves of offers but never saw a wave except the initial one !!! Praying for all of us to get a seat !!!! annnnnnd to find out soon
  5. So I am curious ... I was looking at last year's thread on here and from what I can tell people found out on July 24th/July 25th that they were accepted and then I didn't see another wave of invites...and then people have 10 days to respond and then after that is that when people are waitlisted ? Did I miss a wave ? I did not see other days where people got notification that they were accepted.
  6. It was so nice meeting you!!! Thanks for being so friendly and approachable!!!!
  7. I agree !!! The mentor session really helped with my nerves !!! You can tell how much EVMS cares about their students both prospective and current ...it really shows ❤❤ Good luck guys ! I legit danced to Missy Elliott in the morning before my interview and that helped me to loosen up, too! Haha!
  8. Hey all! It was awesome to see so many of your faces yesterday! It felt good to be around others who are going through the same process !!! Yesterday put my spirit at ease and I feel so much more confident going into interviews !!! We have all worked so hard! Best of luck to all of you on your interviews next week!!! We got this !!!
  9. @Reuvan I just received an email saying that the virtual meet and greets are July 9th and 10th. Have the dates changed? Thanks in advance, Ebony
  10. Thanks, Lauren ! I was totally wondering how the group portion would work with being fully virtual. I saw that the interview packet is coming soon. Will we get a notification when it populates ? Or should we keep checking our PURL. Thanks for always answering our questions ☺
  11. I know it is not 100% but not sure exactly how much it covers. Also depends on if you are in/out of state tuition...taking out excess to live off of etc..
  12. @edmmusic2009 I am hoping to use my husband's... if I am accepted
  13. Hey all ! For those of you still waiting to hear about an interview, I'm thinking about you and I KNOW this wait has been so hard for you! Praying you all hear good news, soon!!! We are all in this together ❤ I can't even imagine how you are all feeling and I also know how much work you put into the application !!! Big, big hugs to all of you !!! keep us all updated!!!
  14. Sending good vibes to all of you still waiting to hear about an interview !!! hopefully today is THE day !
  15. @Khmedic08 I signed up for that slot, as well!!! Excited to meet you!
  16. @AWoold my invite came through PURL and I registered for an interview directly on there. I believe, as a result,, I never received an email for an interview invite.... I read previous comments and I think that is how it works.. a lot of people didn't respond in their PURL so they could get the official email.
  17. I GOT AN INTERVIEW !!! THANK YOU, GOD!! Good luck everyone !!! You can do it !!!!
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