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  1. Sending good vibes to all of you still waiting to hear about an interview !!! hopefully today is THE day !
  2. @Khmedic08 I signed up for that slot, as well!!! Excited to meet you!
  3. @AWoold my invite came through PURL and I registered for an interview directly on there. I believe, as a result,, I never received an email for an interview invite.... I read previous comments and I think that is how it works.. a lot of people didn't respond in their PURL so they could get the official email.
  4. I GOT AN INTERVIEW !!! THANK YOU, GOD!! Good luck everyone !!! You can do it !!!!
  5. Thanks, Reuvan for taking the time to reach out to us !!! We are all really excited and anxious !!! Hope school is going well for you ! Will interviews definitely be virtual this year?
  6. I did not realize how stressful this "wait and see" process would be hopefully sooooooooon ... I am not losing hope! Haha
  7. No changes to my PURL. Do you think first wave may have went out and we were not part of it ? I'm also wondering if they are changing interviews to in person and maybe that is the delay? I know of others who applied that are not on this thread and they have not heard anything either. Praying it happens today !!
  8. @dmvcam I'm guessing so !!!! It is so hard to stay busy when my brain is so consumed wondering if I will get an interview !!! Four years of grinding on this application....
  9. Not for me either ! Womp Womp Womp...! I'm gonna take a break from checking. I'll check again this evening ☺
  10. Best of luck to everyone! I only applied to EVMS, as well!!! Please let us all know if anyone has changes to the PURL or if you get an email
  11. I was told it will be virtual again by some current students....but you never know with all of the recent changes and changes to the mask mandate.
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