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  1. I know!! This program is definitely my first choice because I work in pediatrics now and I hope to work in pediatrics as a PA
  2. I received their confirmation email on May 24 so fingers crossed!
  3. Does anyone know when they typically reach out for interviews?
  4. @MilkyM00 hi!! Can I ask when they sent out invites last year and what was the interview format? good luck this year!!
  5. Just got a rejection letter today. For current students or people who have received acceptance letters this cycle, can you please help me with some advice on what to do differently next cycle? These were the stats that I applied with: overall gpa: 3.6 science gpa: 3.4 pce: ~2000 certifications: 1 (CNA licenses) I think my personal statement was weak last cycle so I completely revamped that this cycle and I feel like it's stronger but what else can I do? I'm currently working full time as a CNA so I'm gaining more patient care hours. I haven't thought about retaking any
  6. I received a rejection email from them a few days ago I'm not sure why because I felt like I met/exceeded their criteria but just feeling a little sad as this was the first school I heard back from this cycle so far. Congratulations to everyone that received an interview and good luck!!
  7. I didn't receive anything either was really looking forward to at least getting an interview
  8. @Reignbow ummm… I’m not sure because I know they’re rolling admissions so I would try to get it in as soon as you can. But I definitely know that as long as you’re in before the deadline, they’ll consider your application :) Good luck to you too!!
  9. Yes it is! Their program is definitely my top choice because I want to work in pediatrics
  10. Hi! Does anyone know when they will reach out for interviews? I know they have a rolling based admissions process Good luck to everyone :)
  11. Quick question: where would we see the interview invite on the PURL? Or would the invite just be sent out through email?
  12. Hi everyone! I haven't received anything either, checking my email obsessively though!
  13. @Emmmm UOP doesn't require GRE scores so I didn't wait, I finished the essays and the rest of the caspa application and submitted.
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