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  1. Rejected. Best of luck to y'all. This is an amazing program, hope to join y'all a year or so later
  2. I also struggled with the comparison to what I viewed as their student profile. What I found helped me avoid from spiraling-down-the-comparison-game was the PA Platform's interview with the program director and admissions director. (link: Throughout the interview, they make it clear that they're not looking for a certain type of applicant, and they welcome those that have been shaped by their experiences through all kinds of different walks of life. Your perspective is unique! And, with an interview under your belt, I'm sure that they could see you contributing to that diversity
  3. here's my timeline if you're curious: submitted: 5/26 , verified: 5/27, under review: 5/27 from what i've seen on last year's thread, seemed like most people who applied/under review mid-to-late may received II's around june 20th-ish. but, timelines vary so who knows
  4. hey y'all! another texan first-time applicant popping in. under review 5/27 and hoping for the best for all of y'all !!
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