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  1. I loved my interview! I was so nervous, but as I'm sure you've read in other posts, the faculty was so welcoming. They give you the best chance to relax and really show them why you'd be a great PA. The program is right up there with the well-established ones! They emphasize service back to the community and interprofessional communication. You can tell that each member of the faculty is really dedicated to this profession, and they've even been able to set up a rotation with a well known cardiothoracic surgeon in California. When I was there they talked about how this surgeon even wanted one of their students to come back and work, so you can tell that you'll be more than prepared by the time you graduate. Another perk is that Trine has a prosected cadaver lab (not all Indiana programs have cadavers). I hope this helps!!
  2. Hello! I interviewed July 30th and received the call that I was accepted on August 4th!
  3. I was also wondering about this! I submitted 5/31 and was verified 6/2. They sent a follow up email to me on 6/22 saying my entire application was complete. I haven't heard anything back about an interview.
  4. Hi everyone! I figured I would start a thread for this current cycle. I submitted my CASPA app on 5/31/21 and was verified on 6/2/21.
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