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  1. The only reason why community college is easier for me is in the financial department. I am paying school on my own and it is just much cheaper in my standards. I cannot afford classes outside of my financial aid in my institution.
  2. So would it be in my best interest to retake the classes in a community college?
  3. Hello! I was actually wondering the same question because I have on W from my freshman year and I currently going into my junior year and this past semester has not done well for my GPA at all. I was wondering if I could just withdraw from 3 classes and retaking them outside of my institution would that be able to work and look better. I have heard that if you keep your grades and retaking them on top of that would show growth but I just feel defeated and disgusted with myself looking at my transcript. I am just a that point in undergrad where anything below an A disappoints me and I feel like I will not be able to be a PA. It has stressed my mind just thinking about it day and night.
  4. Hello! I just had a question about Withdrawals on my transcript. I have not done great in some classes and I definitely take blame in that due to personal reasoning. But I was wondering (the classes are just general classes I am to take in order to graduate from college) if I withdrew from them and then later took them in a community college and got a better score will that help my GPA as well as make my transcript look great due to the fact that I did not give up and went back into it with a better mindset and understanding. I am just worried. So far I have one withdrawal and I am a rising junior this fall and will maybe have to withdraw two of my general classes due to the fact that it messed up my GPA. I would really like to hear anyones opinion on this. Thank you, Ikrame
  5. Hello there! My name is Ikrame and I am looking to shadow a PA. Not really particular about what field it is but surgery would be great! If you know any news or looking for a shadower direct message me, please! Thank you!
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