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  1. Yeah, I also would love the link to sign up for the Q&A! Thank you so much.
  2. I also got an interview invite!! We got this guys! Best of luck to everyone!!!!
  3. I really hope so as I’m getting anxious waiting Has anyone heard anything yet?
  4. I think you can see it under the events tab! But I would wait until you see the email invite to sign up since the email comes out a little later according to last years app!
  5. It sounds like every year they are sending out the interview invites on the 9th? I think that means tonight if we check the PURL we may see the interview invites under events but not entirely sure on this !
  6. I live in northern VA, right outside of Washington DC area !!
  7. I was wondering the same exact thing because of covid!! Things are starting to go back to normal so I’m very curious about this as well.
  8. I was also thinking the same thing!! I definitely appreciate this forum because it’s so nice to be talking to all of you guys who are literally going through the same thing.
  9. Yeah I hope so.. I just checked and last year the 9th of 2020 was on a Tuesday so I’m hoping that means it will be today
  10. I’m also not seeing any changes to my PURL! I had a dream about it too hahah hopefully today or tomorrow we hear something
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