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  1. how do I handle getting two invites for the same day? How do I professionally get one of them moved to another day if possible. I want to interview with both schools.
  2. I totally get what you are saying; but my point was if programs are going to value these points then why bother saying "not required". I do wholeheartedly understand what you are saying. I just think programs should not say "not required" when in fact it seems as though it is required.
  3. Isn't this program on probation? The next ARC review is Sept 2022. Can someone confirm?
  4. I contacted the school and they were able to give me the courses that the AP courses were given credit for and that's what I input on CASPA
  5. I think we all need to speak truth to power. I find it disingenuous for some programs to say on their websites that "shadowing" or "healthcare experience" not required but may enhance your application if you have these. They contradict themselves at every turn. Don't say these things are not required if you really MEAN they ARE required. Although, I have both of these requirements. I feel that these programs mislead applicants in an effort to bring in more application $$ when they know people that do not have these items will not even be considered. STOP telling applicants that these things aren't required when it's simply NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations. Will it be in person or virtual? Would you mind sharing your stats?
  7. Congratulations!! Would you be able to share your stats or what you thought were the strength of your app
  8. I have to opposite issue. My AP courses on my official transcript don't have a course title; but says what corresponding university course I was given credit for. How do I input this into CASPA since it must be exactly as it appears on the transcript.
  9. My official transcipt does not show the course title for my high school AP courses. It only lists credit. I am confused as to how to enter this into CASPA since the information has to be entered exactly as it appears on my transcript. I've emailed CASPA with no response.
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