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  1. Rejected as well! Congrats again to everyone accepted! I know you are an amazing set of applicants and will make awesome PAs! I applied fairly broadly so I’m confident I will get in somewhere, and to everyone else who was rejected, you will get in somewhere too! We can use this experience, learn from it, and improve. I view it as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth! Good luck to the next cohort!!
  2. They don’t waitlist everyone (to my knowledge and based off last years forums); they do actually send our rejections for those who interviewed. But they do waitlist quite a lot, it seems. Also, I read someone say in last year’s forum that once they are done with all interviews, if there are still spots, they will return to the first cohort of interviewees (priority deadline applicants) and selectively send out offers. (Keep in mind: all that’s hearsay! Idk where they got that information from or if it’s still valid.)
  3. Yes congrats everyone!! I interviewed on the 14th and haven’t heard anything.
  4. Based on last year’s forum, looks like the acceptances for the first cohort are over with.(?) Now the waitlists/rejections will go out.(?) Ahh I wish there were more people in the forum this year!
  5. Anyone hear anything today?? I was expecting some acceptances today. Do we know how many have been accepted so far? I counted 5 I think from the forums? (And congrats again to that 5!!)
  6. Interviewed on the 14th and haven’t heard anything.
  7. Honestly, I just assume they’ve all but randomized the order so that we can’t deduce if we have or haven’t been accepted based on who has. Theoretically, this should take away some anxiety. Theoretically..
  8. We’re so slow at work so it’s all I can think about! quick questions: 1) how many “interview rounds” are there and 2) roughly how many people typically get interviewed at YPAO?
  9. I haven’t seen anything on YPAO’s website about recent coursework (like past 50-60hours type thing) taking precedence over the overall CASPA GPA. I’m sure they strongly value upward trends, but sometimes hard cut offs are what they are. That said, you can always reach out to your admin counselor. Hope that’s helpful and best of luck!
  10. I guess if we can’t expect weekend calls/emails, we could technically relax. technically…
  11. Congrats everyone who’s gotten a call!! So exciting!
  12. From what I understand, we could hear back today or the next few days. (I assume “the next few days” would be business days but not sure.)
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